Leeann Atherton’s Picnic after SXSW 2022

Because of the pandemic, many of the regular guests for SXSW stayed home, so the attendance for the festival was lower than before. This also reflected on the Picnic, with fewer people. But the atmosphere was as it always is at Leeann’s – friendly, open, welcoming and including. And social distancing, for those who wanted, was not a problem. (Photo above: Jon Langford)

Leeann Atherton

The music started with Leeann who sang some welcome songs, before Ben Jones entered the stage. He played an excellent solo set. He gets better and better, and soon someone must discover his talents (other than Brian Wilson, who has used him and Andrea Magee in his band lately).

Ben Jones

After Ben Jones, Texas String Assembly was on, with updated bluegrass. A great band that I would like to hear more of. They also came back for a couple of songes while we waited for Jon Langford.

Texas String Assembly

My favorite band this day was Madam Radar, who came after the Texas String Assembly. They are a four-piece band, and I have seen the electric version of the band at The Saxon Pub. With their high quality playing and great harmonizing, they managed the acoustic format absolutely perfect.

Madam Radar

Jon Langford is a regular at SXSW with his different bands, The Wacos, The Jon Langford Band, sometimes The Mekons and usually one more. His shows with these bands are great, punkish, and with lots of humour. This year I saw him at the Yard Dog party, that was held at AGBG, and in an acoustic version at Leeann’s Picnic.

Jon Langford

Maybe this format is the future for the Barn Dance, since it doesn’t involve so heavy logistics, and should be less bothersome for those neighbors that doesn’t like people having fun with good music the Sunday after SXSW?

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