Oslo Americana Festival For the First Time

Norway have had an active Americana culture for years, with many excellent musicians and artists performing their own music in what loosely can be called Americana. In Oslo there are Americana sessions at the Buckley club, and this Saturday the  Oslo … Continue reading

Tove Bøygard, Perfect Americana from Norway

Norway have several accomplished artists in the Americana style. Claudia Scott, Lucky Lips, Darling West, Knut Reiersrud, Steinar Albrigtsen are but some of the best ones. One of the Norwegian Americana artists, Tove Bøygard has been almost there for several years, … Continue reading

Oslo Fjordfest 2015 – Day One with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, Amund Maarud, Wovehand and more

Oslo is a city with an active concert scene all year, but so far with very little activity in July. June and August see many festivals, and this year, Oslo Fjordfest is a new festival, placed in July. As a debutante, … Continue reading