Contact me

You can contact me

by email: perole (tag)

on Twitter: @peroleh

or by phone: (+47) 90102590.


3 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. I’m just curious in my younger days I went to lots of concerts with a Kodak camera how would I go about trying to sell my photos and if that’s even possible. Any suggestions?

    • This is a very broad question. Are the photos analogue or digital, have you printed them, what kind of sales do you envision – sales of prints or files, etc. I did a quick google search: “how can I sell my hotos” and got many good replies.

  2. Hi Per:

    Great meeting you all in Nerja. Back in Madrid. Leaving tomorrow. Great pic of the four of us from Monday night. Like to post it. Please add me as a friend as I cannot access your contact info on FB.


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