Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Sunday with Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder, Grave and more

Carphatian Forest 01042018-12Sunday was the last day of the Inferno Metal Festival this year, and it was a day for old school black and death metal, grindcore and doom. Norwegian, British and Swedish bands. As the preceding days, the venue was packed, and all in all the Inferno has never sold as many tickets before. And to a very international crowd from many different countries. (Photo above: Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest)

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Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Saturday with Satyricon, Ihsahn, Krakow and more

Satyricon 31032018-11The third day of Inferno 2018 had Satyricon as the headliner. The band has been on an extensive and successful tour in Europe the last half year, and Saturday night was the closing concert on the second leg of this tour. Before Satyricon Ihsahn played a concert with his solo work. Another good day for extreme metal! (Photo above: Satyr from Satyricon)

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Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Friday with Emperor, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more

Emperor 30032018-06While the first day of Inferno 2018 was packed quite early in the evening, Friday started out with a smaller crowd. But that changed when the big headliner, Emperor came on stage. I can’t remember Rockefeller as packed as this before. Those of us who were there the whole time got many good bands before Emperor, too. (Photo above: Ihsahn from Emperor)

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Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Thursday with Obituary, Dark Funeral and more

Odium 29032018-14The traditional Black Easter in Oslo with the Inferno Metal Festival started yesterday, the 18th edition in a row. And this year more people than earlier, and from even more countries have gathered in Oslo for their yearly ritual. The festival has thirty six bands, nine each night, and several headliners from the top shelf of extreme metal. Here are the bands. I saw the first night.  (Photo above: Odium)

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Leeann’s Barn Dance at SXSW 2018 – Another Great South Austin Happening

Hajk 18032018-01This year’s SXSW Barn Dance at Leeann Atherton‘s place is my 20th, and I have enjoyed all of them. I meet the great people of South Austin, I meet the delegates at the festival who have stayed one extra day to join this party, I get to eat delicious bbq, and I her a lot of good music. As an end to a busy SXSW week, the Barn Dance is the perfect way of doing it. (Photo above: Hajk with Leeann Atherton)

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Los Lobos and Country Rock and Folk night at The Saxon During SXSW

Los Lobos 15032018-06

Thursday night I started out at the outdoor stage at the Auditorium Shores with Los Lobos. Then I went to thee Saxon Pub to see five bands I have never seen before. But being at the Saxon, I was pretty sure I would like them, and I was right! (Photo above: David Hidalgo and Conrad Lozano from Los Lobos)

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Another Great Birthday Concert with Ray Benson during SXSW

Ray Benson 13032018-06Ray Benson‘s birthday party as a fundraiser for HAAM is an Austin tradition during SXSW. The passes are sought after, and there are always some big name surprise guests on stage with Ray and his house band, Asleep At The Wheel. Through the years I have seen many great artists at this event, Willie Nelson, The Avett Brothers, George Strait, Carolyn Wonderland and many others.

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Lukas Nelson at the SXSW

Lukas Nelson 12032018-22SXSW is still one of the world’s largest music festival and conference, even if the technology part has surpassed the music part in the number of attendees some years ago. At the music festival more than 2000 bands play and fight for the attention of the total of about 8-10000 music industry people, press and the fans. On top of all the official showcases, there are partiers with live music all over town, many of these more like small festivals in themselves.

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My Best Concert photos 2017, part 2

Moe 12082017-15All together I attended fifteen festivals in 2017 and around twenty single concerts, photographing more than 300 different performances, so far my most productive year as a concert photographer. Here is the second part of my favorite concert photos from 2017, from M to Z. (Photo above: The audience to Mø at the Øya Festival this summer.) Continue reading

A Great Blues Weekend in Hell

Blues Brothers Band 02092017-17The Blues in Hell festival has been arranged for some twenty years and is still going strong. Situated in a congress hotell close to the Trondheim airport at the place that actually is called Hell, it is a festival that celebrated both the original blues and also newer variation of blue and blues rock. Here are my photos of the artists I saw at Hell this weekend. (Photo above: The Original Blues Brothers Band)

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