By:Larm 2014 – The First Day

Veronica Maggio © Per Ole HagenBy:Larm – the Norwegian showcase festival – is a yearly event in Oslo, located in the center, around Youngstorget. The town square is filled with tents that function as venues for the festival. Yesterday night was the first night of showcases on these and the surrounding venues. Here are some pictures of the acts I managed to see last night. (Picture above: Veronica Maggio and a photographer)

Sassy Beat © Per Ole Hagen

Sassy Beat © Per Ole Hagen

My first act Thursday was Sassy Beat, a Norwegian band from Asker. They played at Rockefeller and had expanded their setup with strings. Their songs are good, with arrangements that utilized the string instruments in a good way.

Tiger Bells © Per Ole Hagen

After Sassy Beat I went over to the Wimp tent to see Tiger Bell. This Swedish band was totally new to me. They played well, a kind of punky rock, but without getting under my skin.

Charlotte Qvale © Per Ole Hagen

Next out on the same stage was Charlotte Qvale. She had also a full band with extra backup singers, and the sound was good, but without that extra energy required to make it a great live act.

The South © Per Ole Hagen

After Charlotte Qvale I went over to Sentrum Scene to hear The South. They are a favorite bandof mine who plays organic rock with a heavy touch of American influences. Their 2013 song Can’t Find My Way Back Home, in my opinion one of the best songs from last year.

The South presented songs from their new CD, but also oplayed songs from last year’s release.

Veronica Maggio © Per Ole Hagen

Veronica Maggio © Per Ole Hagen

Thursday night’s “headliner” was Sweden’s Veronica Maggio. She played at a packed Rockefeller and showed that she is already a star. She used the opportunity to try out some new stuff in a stripped down setting. We will be seeing her at festivals this summer.

Ondt blod © Per Ole Hagen

Ondt blod is a hardcore band from the north of Norway. They played at John Dee and presented nothing new and original, but they had a precision and energy in their set that is quite unique. The fans also agreed, and the venue was full during their set.

Emilie Nicolas © Per Ole Hagen

Back up at Rockefeller to see one of the most promising new artists from last year, Emilie Nicolas. She is educated at the Jazz college in Trondheim, and has a vocal qualities far above the average singer. Her songs are catchy in an introvert way, and I am looking forward to her debut album.

The Wolves © Per Ole Hagen

The Wolves © Per Ole Hagen

From Emilie Nicolas it was time for a new dose of hardcore with The Wolves from Bodø. The members are all 17 years old and show that instrumental qualities and young energy is a god mix. They have already released a 4 track EP, and their stage performance and attitude is an indication of more to look forward to.

Samsaya © Per Ole Hagen

My last act Thursday was Samsaya. Her music is a mix of funk, hip hop, some dance and Bollywood, and it is impossible to keep your feet still when she is on stage. She is highly professional, and with her band she was the perfect way for me to close the first night at By:Larm 2014.

Samsaya © Per Ole Hagen

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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