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Avid concert photographer and music journalist. Works with Music IP management at the Norwegian Brodcasting System (NRK).

The SPOT Festival 2017, A Danish Showcase Festival In Aarhus

Siigrid 06052017-20Every year since 1994, with the exception of 2001, the SPOT festival has been held as a showcase festival and conference in Aarhus. The initiative came from ROSA, The Danish Rock Council, and they have organized the festival all these years. In 2005 the Danish minister of culture proclaimed it to be the most important musical event in Denmark. I attended the festival regularly from 2004 and on, but I haven’t been there since 2013 until this year. (Photo above: Sigrid)

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Grand Tribute Concert to Leonard Cohen in Oslo

Odd Norheim 25042017-06Norway has always had a special place for Leonard Cohen, for many reasons. One is that Marianne in So Long Marianne is Norwegian. Also because many of his albums and songs were huge hits in Norway, but often not recognized in the rest of the world. In 1993 the album Cohen på norsk was made with Norwegian artists singing his songs in Norwegian, and last night the artists from the album plus more than twenty others played a tribute concert at Oslo Spektrum. (Photo above: Odd Nordheim and Safari perform Hallelujah)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – Saturday with Belphegor, Primordial, Abbath and Slagmaur

Belphegor 15042017-17The last day of this year’s Inferno Metal Festival had some of the best bands, and also the most morbid show, plus the definitely shortest concert. The night’s headliner, Abbath, left the stage after four songs, which was a huge disappointment to everyone who came to see them. But we got great shows from Primordial and Belphegor, and Slagmaur started the whole thing with this year’s most spectacular and also the most morbid show. (Photo above Helmut Lehner from Belphegor)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – Friday with Gorgoroth, Samael, Crowbar, Anaal Nathrakh and others

Samael 14042017-11While Thursday had focus on old school bands, Friday saw a more varied mix of bands at Inferno. Death metal, industrial, symphonic, black, sludge were all presented through the night. Personally I was looking forward to see Samael, and also Anaal Nathrakh and of course seeing Gorgoroth again. (Photo above: Samael)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – Thursday with Carcass, Destruction, Venom Inc and more

Venom Inc 13042017-09Thursday Friday and Saturday at the Inferno Metal Festival is held at the Rockefeller Music Hall, with two stages – the Rockefeller main stage plus John Dee downstairs in the basement. That means concerts back to back all together eight bands each night. Thursday was old school day with Venom Inc, Carcass and Destruction, pluss the Polish death metal band Azarath and the Norwegian  viking metal band Helheim. (Photo above: Mantas from Venom Inc)

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – The Club Night with Borknagar, Red Harvest, Fight the Fight and more

Fight the Fight 012042017-14The Inferno Festival has been an Easter tradition in Oslo since 2001. Every year almost 2000 metal fans from all over the world gather in Oslo for a “black Easter” with concerts and a conference for four days. The first night is a club night, while the last three nights are held at the Rockefeller Hall with two stages and music back to back. Here are photos of the bands I saw the first night of Inferno 2017. (Photo above: Lars Vegas from Fight the Fight)

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Flamenco, Wine tasting and Food in Nerja

Cata Flamenca 05042017-48Flamenco is central in the Spanish culture, and there are many flamenco dancers and musicians who give performances in towns and cities around Spain. Wine tasting is also a common thing in Spain, and last night I was present at an event in Nerja, Cata Flamenco, that combined flamenco, wine tasting and great food. (Photo above: Joaquin Ruiz)

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The Luckenbach Dance Hall with High Plains Jamboree

Luckenbach 23032017-16The week after the SXSW conference and festival was over, Asleep At The Wheel staged a tour to old Texas dance halls. The tour had a double purpose – one was to hold concerts with Asleep At The Wheel with musical friends, the other was to put the focus on a Texas tradition that is threatened by obsolescence. I visited Luckenbach for a daytime concert during the tour. Continue reading

Nile Rodgers’ Keynote at SXSW 2017

Nile Rodgers 14032017-05Nile Rodgers is one of the most successful musician, producer, composer in our time. He is also one of the artistically greatest. Through the work of CHIC, David Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and countless others he has been part of the soundtrack for several generations in the Western world. This year Nile Rodgers was the keynote at the SXSW Music Conference.

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Leeann’s Barn Dance 2017 – a Warm and Friendly Happening

Barn Dance Darling West Leeann 19032017-03This year’s Barn Dance after SXSW is over, was my 19th Barn Dance so far. They have all been different, but all have had the same kind of ingredients: great bands and artists, great food, great surroundings, and most of all, great people from South Austin and the world around. A lot of things is happening in Austin that slowly takes away what makes it my favorite city. I just hope the Barn Dance will survive those changes for many years still to come. (Photo above: Darling West with Leeann Atherton)

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