SXSW 2016: Leeann Atherton’s Barn Dance with Shinyribs, The Waco Brothers, Torgeir Waldemar and more

Torgeir Waldemar Leeann Atherton 20032016-01This year’s Full Moon Barn Dance at Leeann Atherton’s house is my 18th since she invited me the first time in 1997. It has been one tradition I have really enjoyed, and this year as much as always. The music, the food, all the good people of South Austin and from around the world, plus the special South Austin atmosphere is a winning combination. (Picture above: Leeann Atherton and Torgeir Waldemar)

Barn Dance people 20032016-02Barn Dance people

Every year since 2001 one or two Norwegian artists have played at the Barn Dance. Marit Larsen, Big Bang, Thomas Dybdahl, Real Ones, Hanne Kolstø, Katzenjammer, Kurt Nilsen are a few of them, and all of them have enjoyed their time at Leeann’s. And for many of the delegates for the Music festival at SXSW – including myself – it has become a tradition to not go home on Sunday when the festival is over, but wait one extra day to go to the Barn Dance..

Torgeir Waldemar 20032016-01Torgeir Waldemar

This year Torgeir Waldemar was the Norwegian artist at the barn dance, together with bands like Shinyribs, the Waco Brothers, porterdavis, Leeann Atherton with Amazing Grace, Ray Bonneville and more. The backyard was filled with happy people who really appreciated the music and also the food.

DT 20032016-01DT – the BBQ chef

DT 20032016-02

I have to say something about the food, this year, too. The king of BBQ, David Terrell – DT – had brought his smoker to the barn, this year he said it was the “baby” smoker. I wouldn’t be able to find a place for it in y backyard, anyway. The resulting chicken, ribs and brisket is so delicious, that I was tempted to stay close to DT the whole day. I’m already looking forward to DT’s cooking the next year. If you need someone to do BBQ for you, DT’s your man.

Flying As 20032016-01Flying A’s

Here are the rest of the artists, plus the nice people at the Barn Dance.

Kevin Gordon 20032016-01Kevin Gordon

Oh Pep 20032016-01Oh Pep!

porterdavis 20032016-01porterdavis

Barn Dance people 20032016-03Barn Dance people

Waco Brothers 20032016-03The Waco Brothers

Waco Brothers 20032016-02The Waco Brothers

Shinyribs 20032016-07Shinyribs

Shinyribs 20032016-01Shinyribs

Shinyribs 20032016-02Shinyribs

Ray Bonneville 20032016-02Ray Bonneville

Ray Bonneville 20032016-01Ray Bonneville

Barn Dance people 20032016-04Barn Dance people

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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