Austin Music Awards 2017

AMA Logo 12032017-01Every year for the last 35 years, Austin Chronicle has hosted the Austin Music Awards, celebrating the best local music and musicians. But what might sound like a “local” award show to those not knowing the Austin music scene, is a fierce competition to win among some of the best musicians and artists in the USA. This year the award show was held at the ACL Moody Theatre, the home of the weekly TV show Austin City Limits.

AMA Bobbie Nelson Lukas Nelson 12032017-01Bobbie Nelson, Lukas Nelson and Charlie Sexton

This year’s show honoured The SIMS Foundation, that helps musicians fight addiction. It also honoured Terry Allen with himself, the house band and friends playing his songs. The show is split between the winners in the different categories, and musical performances. The house band was led by Charlie Sexton, and here are my best photos from the show.

AMA Worm Suicide 12032017-01Worm Suicide

AMA White Ghost Shiver 12032017-01White Ghost Shiver

AMA Warren Hood 12032017-01Warren Hood

AMA Tiarra Girls 12032017-01The Tiarras

AMA Terry Allen Joe Ely 12032017-01Joe Ey and Terry Allen

AMA Survive 12032017-01Survive

AMA Oliver Steck 12032017-03Oliver Steck

AMA Kevin Russel Shinyribs 12032017-02Shinyribs

AMA Jan Flemming 12032017-01Jan Flemming

AMA Gina Chavez 12032017-01Gina Shavez

AMA Georgia Bramhall 12032017-01Georgia Bramhall

AMA Ephraim Owens 12032017-01Ephraim Owen

AMA Dead Earth Politics 12032017-02Dead Earth Politics

AMA Bob Schneider 12032017-01Bob Schneider

AMA Big Boys 12032017-01Big Boys

AMA AJ Vallejo 12032017-01AJ Vallejo

AMA Lyle Lovett 12032017-03Lyle Lovett

AMA Joe Ely 12032017-02Joe Ely

AMA Carolyn Wonderland 12032017-02Carolyn Wonderland

AMA Carolyn Wonderland The Trishas 12032017-07The Trishaw, Carolyn Wonderland, Kelly Willis

AMA Charlie Sexton 12032017-01Charlie Sexton

AMA Gurf Morlix 12032017-01Gurf Morlix

AMA Erika Wennerstrom 12032017-01Erika Wennerstrom

AMA Jackie Venson 12032017-01Jackie Venson

AMA Kat Edmonton 12032017-01Kat Edmonton

AMA Kelly Willis 12032017-02Charlie Sexton, Kelly Willis

AMA Terry Allen 12032017-02Terry Allen, Lyle Lovett

AMA Richard Bowden 12032017-01Richard Bowden

AMA The Bluebonnets 12032017-03The Bluebonnets

AMA Lukas Nelson 12032017-04Lukas Nelson

AMA LouLou 12032017-03LouLou

AMA The Trishas 12032017-01The Trishas

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

1 thought on “Austin Music Awards 2017

  1. I can tell you enjoyed your visit to Austin this yer Per Ole. Most excellent photos as always. Keep on keeping on. Your ole pal Ben from Memphis Tennessee.

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