Blue Mood Label Mates – 20 Year Anniversary Concert at The Notodden Blues Festival

Blue Mood Label Mates 05082017-03In 1996 Blue Mood Records started out as a Norwegian record company, concentrating on blues, and on August 5th in 1997 they released their first album, Stomping’ Our Feet With Joy by Vidar Busk & His True Believers. Since then the label has released around 50 studio-, live- and compilation albums. Today the label is one of the record company Grappa’s labels, but still dedicated to blues. (Photo above: A few of the Blue Mood label mates)

Eric Malling 05082017-02Eric Malling

The Blue Mood Records was started by Eric Malling, and at the anniversary concert he was the MC. Malling has been an enthusiastic spokesperson for his artists in all the years Blue Mood has existed. I have had the pleasure of following Blue Mood all these years, and seeing the artists develop and having success . In 1999 they released a live compilation album, Bluemoods, or “Not Just Another Blues Compilation” with live recordings of their artists, produced by NRK P1 where I was head of music. So seeing all these fantastic blues artists on stage at Notodden was a true joy for me.

Mood Shine 05082017-01At the concert, Blue Mood also debuted their own aquavit, “Mood Shine”.

Here are the artists who played at the concert:

Tim Scott

Tim Scott 05082017-03

Tim Scott 05082017-04

Amund Maarud

Amund Maarud 05082017-02

Amund Maarud 05082017-09

Amund Maarud 05082017-06

Kid Andersen

Kid Andersen 05082017-01

Orbo 05082017-04

Johanna Demker

Johanna Demker 05082017-02

Johanna Demker 05082017-01


Orbo 05082017-01

Orbo 05082017-02

Knut Nordhagen

Knut Nordhagen 05082017-03Knut Nordhagen 05082017-01

Vidar Busk

Vidar Busk 05082017-07

Vidar Busk 05082017-08

Vidar Busk 05082017-03

Kurt Slevigen

Kurt Slevigen 05082017-03

Kurt Slevigen 05082017-02

Richard Gjems and Tor Einar Bekken

Richard Gjems 05082017-01

Richard Gjems Dr Bekken 05082017-05

Richard Gjems Dr Bekken 05082017-03

Terje Nordgarden

Terje Norgarden 05082017-01

Terje Norgarden 05082017-02

Tiger City Jukes

Tiger City Jukes 05082017-02

Tiger City Jukes 05082017-05

Tiger City Jukes 05082017-03

The rhythm section, Martin Windstad and Henrik Maarud

Rytmeseksjonen 05082017-01

Here I am watching the concert from the wings. Photo: Anja Lindtner Grani Hagen


All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.


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