Leeann’s Barn Dance at SXSW 2018 – Another Great South Austin Happening

Hajk 18032018-01This year’s SXSW Barn Dance at Leeann Atherton‘s place is my 20th, and I have enjoyed all of them. I meet the great people of South Austin, I meet the delegates at the festival who have stayed one extra day to join this party, I get to eat delicious bbq, and I her a lot of good music. As an end to a busy SXSW week, the Barn Dance is the perfect way of doing it. (Photo above: Hajk with Leeann Atherton)

Leeann Atherton 18032018-01Since 2001 I have the great honor of suggesting Norwegian bands and artists to play at the Barn Dance. Through the years there have been somewhere around thirty different artists and band playing at the party. And many of them have asked to play again, because they liked the atmosphere so well. This year Ask Carol played for the second time, Hajk for the first and Sturle Dagsland also for the second time.

Barn Dance Crowd 18032018-08

I always hear other bands I haven’t heard before at the Barn Dance. This year Donovan Keith and Uranium Savages were the ones I liked the best of the bands I haven’t seen before. But I also liked the Swedish band The Magnettes, Jeff Plankenhorn (of course), Emilio Crixell & Border Soul, Jomo and Possum Posse and the classical string quartet Invoke.

Barn Dance Crowd 18032018-03

Here are photos of the bands and also of some of the crowd at the Barn Dance. I already look forward to next year!

Ask Carol

Ask Carol 18032018-03

Ask Carol 18032018-02

The Magnettes

Magnettes 18032018-02

Magnettes 18032018-05


Invoke 18032018-01


Hajk 18032018-02

Hajk 18032018-06

Jeff Plankenhorn

Jeff Plankenhorn 18032018-01

Jeff Plankenhorn 18032018-02

Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

Emilio Crixell 18032018-01


Emilio Crixell 18032018-03

Donovan Keith

Donovan Keith 18032018-03

Donovan Keith 18032018-01

Jomo & Possum Posse

Jomo and the Possum Posse 18032018-02

Uranium Savages

Uranium Savages 18032018-01

Uranium Savages 18032018-06

Uranium Savages 18032018-04

Sturle Dagsland

Sturle Dagsland 18032018-10

Sturle Dagsland 18032018-09

Barn Dance Crowd 18032018-13

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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