OverOslo 2019 with Toto, The Pretenders, Beth Hart, Lewis Capaldi and More

OverOslo is a new festival to me, even if it has been going on for some ten years. It is located high at Grefsenkollen, a spectacular location with literally a view of all of Oslo. The only practical problem is getting up there, with only a quite narrow road winding up to the venue and no parking on site. But when you get there, it is definitely worth it.

The festival’s audience is mainly in the 30-50’s, and the profile is quite mainstream with some older big names and a few newer artists and bands. But it works well for the crowd who isn’t necessarily those who read all the newest music news sites and blogs. This makes OverOslo a safe alternative for everyone who likes good mainstream music, and yu can go somewhere else to experience the next hot thing.

Here are my photos of the bands and artists from OverOslo 2019.


The Pretenders

Lewis Capaldi

Beth Hart

Sondre Justad



Ida Jenshus

Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band


Thomas Dybdahl


Boney M


Amund Maarud and Lucky Lips


Jan Eggum and Halvdan Sivertsen


Hovedøen Social Club

Amund Maarud and Lucky Lips

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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