My Favorite Concerts in 2019, part 1

2019 has been a busy year all over for me, and I have not been very good at posting here on my blog. I will try to do better in 2020. But I have been shooting many concerts and festivals, actually more bands and artists than ever before. Here are the first twenty of my favorites from 2019. (Photo above: All the Norwegian blues artists who performed at The Royal Albert Hall in November)

Angela Marquez at the Feria in Nerja

My total concerts, both single events and also cncerts at festivals for 2019 totalled at 322, split between 13 festivals and 43 single concerts. This also includes two events photographing the Norwegian royalties and three catwalks, a flamenco show plus Michelle Obama. The “non concerts” are an effect of me having photographed for Getty Images since november 2018, which is also one reason I have been more busy this year.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Håkon Magnus and Princess Ingrid Alexandra at her confirmation

Here is the first batch of my favorite concert photos from 2019:


Attila CsiharNecrobutcher and Teloch

Ryan Bingham

Mavis Staples


Ola Kvernberg and Steamdome

Hedvig Mollestad

Dimmu Borgir




Erlend Ropstad

Larkin Poe

Dumdum Boys




Silya & The Sailors

Royal Albert Hall

All the artists playing at Subterania

Reidar arsen, Big Moe and Jolly Jumper at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in London

Lars Winnerbäck





All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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