Trondheim Calling 2020 – A Perfect Showcase Festival and Conference

Norway has four different showcase festivals, and Trondheim Calling is the second longest running of these. This year was their 10th anniversary. A total of 82 bands/artists with all together 350 musicians and artists plus 900 delegates from the Norwegian and international music business were gathered for three days of concerts, seminars and networking. (Photo above: Agnete Kjølsrud from Djerv)

The Northern Belle

In 1998 by:Larm started as the Norwegian answer to SXSW and other showcase festivals. The first years the festival alternated between different cities in Norway, but after by:Larm decided to stay permanently in Oslo, and also changed their perspective to be more Nordic and international, the need came for a new festival, and Trondheim Calling was started in 2011. Since then we have got two more regional showcase festivals, Sørveiv in Kristiansand and Wild Wild West in Bergen.

Jonas Jansen Ramsfjell from Bakrus

This year’s Trondheim Calling was my fifth, and I have seen the festival evolve to a very professional and also interesting festival. The conference part is very good, with interesting, and also useful themes for the struggling musicians. The festival part mixes up and coming artists and bands with some more established bands. In this way the concerts attracts the local fans together with the delegates so the bands get to play for an enthusiastic crowd.

At this year’s Trondheim Calling I saw ten artists and bands, and here are photos of them.


Torgeir Waldemar

The Northern Belle




The Switch

Øyvind Holm



Agnete Kjølsrud from Djerv

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.




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