SXSW 2012 summarized

Motopony © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenMotopony

SXSW 2012 is over, and how to summarize an event like this? Around 2000 official showcases, about 1000 unofficial bands, numerous parties, a 6th Street where you almost couldn’t get through because of all the people, many people not getting in at gigs, Bruce Springsteen 50 Cent, Norah Jones, Jimmy Cliff, Alabama Shakes.

Bruce Springsteen © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenBruce Springsteen

I have been going to SXSW since 1997, with the exception of two years, and have seen the festival growing from something manageable to quite overwhelming. I remember a 6th Street where you could get from one end to the other in good speed, while this year the stret was a gigantic party, partly blocking the entrance to many of the clubs and generally making me try to avoid going there at all.

Norah Jones © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenNorah Jones

One thing that definitely has become much better by the years, is the conference part. Since I am genuinely interested in, among other topics, the development of the digital music services, the changing of the rights management in music and the development of the recording industry, I have got more and more out of the different seminars and panels over the last years.

The Waco Brothrs © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenThe Waco Brothers

I have no principal objection towards the overwhelming number of showcases thevenues a last couple of years. But I am not so sure that this is the best for the emerging bands, since there is more of a question of how many bands you miss than about how many you can manage to see. And since an important goal for 99% of the bands coming here is to be seen and be discovered, the more of the “important people” who see them, the better. So far, about 2000 bands seems to me to be a bit over the top.

Patti Griffin © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenPatti Griffin

One problem with these many bands and showcases, is the sheer number of venues that has to be available. Austin has a great number of good and passable live music venues, somewhere between 30 and 50 where you can see live music many days a week. During the festival you could see bands at 90 + venues. I have no doubt that all these venues did their best to present the bands in the best way possible. But the lights and sound wasn’t the best everywhere, and some venues with singer songwriters experienced sound leakage from the hard rock band next door.

Shining. © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenShining

I can understand the organisers who want to accomodate all the bands who want to play SXSW. And to a large extent, the high number of showcases is also one of the best things about the festival. My point is that there is a limit to what is practicaly possible, and it seems to me that the number of venues and bands last year and this year is either over, or very close to that limit.

Keane © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenKeane

What is my conclusion? SXSW is a great experience with a high quality seminar program and so many showcases and parties that you can virtually see bands all your waking hours. The festival should probably not become any bigger. At the same time, bands who do their homework before they come to SXSW can have big opportunities playing here. And even if they aren’t dicovered, whey will probably have a great time playing and checking out other bands and staying in “The Live Music Capital Of The World”.

Here are more pictures of some of the showcases I saw.

Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenKenny Rogers and Lionel Richie

Ruthie Foster © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenRuthie Foster

Jimmy Cliff © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenJimmy Cliff

50 Cent. © All rights Reserved: Per Ole Hagen50 Cent

The Alabama Shakes © All Rights Reserved Per Ole HagenAlabama Shakes

Justin Townes Earle © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenJustin Townes Earle

Ruthie Foster and Carolyn Wonderland © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenRuthie Foster and Carolyn Wonderland

Audrey Horne © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenAudrey Horne

Alejandro Escovedo © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenAlejandro Escovedo

The Heavy © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenThe Heavy

Quiet Company © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenQuiet Company

Daniel Johnston © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenDaniel Johnston

Joe King Carasco © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenJoe King Carasco

Christopher Cross © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenChristopher Cross

Carolyn Wonderland © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole HagenCarolyn Wonderland

All pictures are © All RIghts Reserved Per Ole Hagen.

2 thoughts on “SXSW 2012 summarized

  1. Great summary!

    I made it to my first SXSW in 2012 and was overwhelmed and it’s no surprise I didn’t make it to one of the shows you featured here – there is just so much going on – so many shows, so much diversity – I will definitely make it back (won’t be 2013 though).
    I missed out on a lot of acts I had planned to see/shoot but saw a heap of other excellent ones instead – one regret I have is not making it to the Austin Music Awards though.

    • Everyone misses more acts than they get to see at SXSW 😉 I go for the venues where the light is good, and where some of the bigger acts usually play. That means I miss a lot of the new and exciting ones, but that is how it is. Welcome back, I’ll be there this year, and hopefully also next year.

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