Deadman at the Buckleys club in Oslo

Deadman at Buckley's. © Per Ole HagenAustin band Deadman has a name that implies a former existence. That is not far from the truth, since this is the second incarnation of the band. They started out in Dallas, but front man Steven Collins moved down to Austin and restarted the band when the first version broke up. Yesterday they played at Buckley’s in Oslo, Norway.

Deadman at Buckley's. © Per Ole HagenMusically Deadman folows in the tradition from the Flying Burrito Brothers and The Band. They do melodious songs with great vocal harmonies in the landscape between roots and rock. They do guitar based songs, with Collins, Jacob Hildebrand and Kevin McCollough on guitar, but Matthew Mollica’s organ adds to the sound.

Deadman at Buckley's. © Per Ole HagenAt Buckley’s they performed songs from their last thre CDs, with emphasis on their latest, Take Up Your Mat And Walk from last year. Don’t Do This, Oh Delilah are from Take Up Your Mat, but also did Adios Mi Corazon and others from Live At The Saxon Pub. Deadman did a great show, and the audience really liked what they heard.

Deadman at Buckley's. © Per Ole HagenThe concert was organised by the local HonkyTonk Honeys, and Deadman will play in Europe for the next three weeks.

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