Norwegian Americana in Oslo

Tore Andersen and Roger Midtsian, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole HagenThe headline looks like a contradicion in terms, but americana music is well rooted in Norway. Now the organisation Norsk Americana Forum is established, and their goal is to promote americana music in Norway and to make more people aware of this music.

Claudia Scott, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole Hagen

Claudia Scott

To further this aim, the NAF organize Oslo Opry the last Thursday in every month at the club Buckleys. This month the house band A-11 played, with Ottar Big Hand Johansen as host, and Roger Midtsian and Claudia Scott as guests.

Ottar Big Hand Johansen, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole Hagen

Ottar Big Hand Johansen

Americana is a very loose definition of many styles. Country (but not the most streamlined and commersially perfected), bluegrass, roots – most of this is part of the definition. In Norway we have many artists that fit this description, and the hope is that many of these eventually will play at Oslo Opry.

Malin Pettersen, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole Hagen

Malin Pettersen and Ivar Thomas

The club night could absolutey have had more guests, but the band and their guests were professional and did a great gig. A-11 was on all night, and the soloists alternated doing their songs, while A-11 with Tore Andersen on vocals did some of their own. A nice surprise happened when Malin Pettersen, daughter of A-11’s bassist Ivar Thomas did a song.

Tore Andersen and Claudia Scott, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole Hagen

Tore Andersen and Claudia Scott

The high point of the night was Claudia Scott’s version of Gram Parson’s Hickory Wind with mandolin and Tore Blestrud’s steel guitar, plus her and Tore Andersen’s duet on Sleepless Nights also by Gram Parsons.

Roger Midtsian, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole Hagen

Roger Midtsian

I can strongly recommend Oslo Opry to everyone who like good rootsy music, and I will certainly try to go there next time, which is Thursday May 31st.

Tore Andersen, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole HagenTore Andersen

Bjørn Haglund, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole HagenBjørn Haglund

Ivar Thomas, Oslo Opry. © Per Ole HagenIvar Thomas

7 thoughts on “Norwegian Americana in Oslo

  1. Thanks Per Ole. Next Oslo Opry is Thursday 31 May with Johanna Demker and a few others tba as guests. Last Thursday in June we’ll have Brennen Leigh with us. See you at Buckleys..
    We are also doing a Vinstra Opry at the Vinstra Countryfestival the first weekend of July.

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