Seigmen – Epic 90’s Rock Still Rules

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenSeigmen was one of Norway’s leading rock bands in the 90’s. They were supposed to follow up the heritage from the four big ones, Dum Dum Boys, De Lillos, Raga Rockers and Jokke og Valentinerne. But they disbanded in 1998 after a 9 year carreer. Luckily they have had many comebacks after that, and one of them was tonight.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex Moeklebust

Tonights concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, was sold out, and they will do an extra concert tomorrow. It is a credit to the band that 13 years after they disbanded, their fans still want to hear their old songs. The venue has a capacity of 1800, and is maybe Oslo’s best venue for these kind of concerts. Seighmen is also a perfect band for Sentrum SCene, with their good stage show.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex Moeklebust

Seigmen was one of the first Norwegian band to look at the live concert as a total happening, where music, sound and lights are all parts of the experience. I never saw them in the 90s, but I have seen and photographed them numeral times from 2005. I know easier band to shoot, but Seigmen present a challenge that I really like. And with their great music  and charismatic stage personae, they present a perfect package.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex Moeklebust

Seigmen’s music is charasteristic for its slow and droning arrangements. In a way they remind me of a 90’s version of the 60’s band Vanilla Fudge, if you remember their version of You Keep Me Hangin’ On. One of Seigmen’s absolute best songs, is a Vanilla Fudgesque version of de Lillo’s Hjernen er Alene (The Brain Is Alone), and they did that as the last song at the concert.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenMarius Roth and Kim Ljung

Seigmen’s songs are sometimes in Norwegian and sometimes in English. In my opinion, their bests songs are with Norwegian lyrics: Hjernen er Alene, Metropolis, Slave av Solen, Døderlein and Mesusah. The crowd knew all of their songs, obviously being their hardcore fans from some 15 years ago.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenMarius Roth

Seigmen’s lead singer, Alex Moeklebust, is one of my favourite Norwegian rock singers. Both because his voice is good, abut lso because he gves a great performance on stage. They have another singer though, who usually doesn’t sing much on stage. Marius Roth plays guitar in Seigmen, but his straight job is as an opera snger ath the Norwegian National Opera. At the concert he did a fantastic version of Agnus Dei (I didn’t catch the composer), where he showed what an eminent singer he is.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex Moeklebust

I have enjoyed Seigmen every time I have seen them the last 7 years. I can’t say that the concert tonight was better than the other ones. But I honestly say that or a band that has officially disbanded, Seigmen is definitely worth listening to. I hope thy will keep their comeback, or whatever they call it, going on for a long time.

Seigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex MoeklebustSeigmen © Per Ole HagenSverre OekshoffSeigmen © Per Ole HagenMarius Roth and Alex MoeklebustSeigmen © Per Ole HagenKim LjungSeigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex MoeklebustSeigmen © Per Ole HagenAlex Moeklebust

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

If you want to see more of my Seigmen Pictures, you will find them here.

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