Savage Rose, still going strong after 45 years

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenIn 1967 the two Danish brothers Thomas and Anders Koppel started a band with jazz drummer Alex Riel, guitarist Jens Rugstedt, Flemming Ostermann and Annisette Hansen. They called the band The Savage Rose, and 45 years later Annisette is the only one left. But her voice is such an important part of the band that you never doubt which band you are listening to. Thursday night The Savage Rose played at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenThe concert tour coincides with the release of the CD Love And Freedom. Since their first album, Savage Rose from 1968, they have released more than 20 albums. A long period from the mid 70s until early 90s, they turned their back to the international record industry. During this time they devoted their time and music to political causes like the Palesinian refugees, Kurdish separatism, the Black Panther movement and other left wing causes.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenThe Savage Rose have changed members during the years but Anisette and her husband Thomas Koppel have been central until Thomas Koppel suddenly died in 2006. Anisette and the other members of the band decided to keep on, and the concert in Oslo showed that the band itself plus Annisette’s voice is strong enough to still say that it was “typical Savage Rose”.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenAnnisette is the only original member left of the band, the other musicians are young, but nevertheless great musicians who did a great job with all the songs. I might have heard the original band in 1973, but I cannot remember it, and Savage Rose of today sounds great, so I don’t really miss the old version. The set list at the concert contained songs form most of their career, with Wild Child as the best known song from their first period. The two CDs with most songs were Black Angel from 1995 and their latest, Love And Freedom that was released a month ago.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenAnnisette’s vocal is central in all the songs by The Savage Rose. And none of them are specially easy to perform. I didn’t know what to expect before the concert, but I had no reason to be afraid. Annisette’s voice is easily recognizable, and she carries all the songs in a perfect way. The only concession to her age may be that they split the concert in two sets. The bonus was that we got to see her in two different dresses. She moves graciously and dances while singing, and I really loved it.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenThey played all the songs from Freedom To Love, except one. The CD is musically a continuation of the style they presented on Black Angel. My favorites from Freedom To Love are the title song and Voice Of Revolution. They also did four songs from Black Angel, the title song, my favorite from that CD, What Do You Do Now, Early Morning Blues and You’ll Know In The Morning. The oldest song,  Long Before I Was Born form their second LP, In The Plain was the last encore. It is still a great song.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenThe concert wasn’t sold out, but the mood was good, and it looked like everyone were satisfied with the show. I will definitely go if they come back. In the meantime I will revisit their old albums and put Black Angel back in the CD player in my car.

Anisette from Savage Rose © Per Ole HagenAll the pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

6 thoughts on “Savage Rose, still going strong after 45 years

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  3. -Check out Catbird and Naja Rosa, it is Her daughters bands, very, very good too….

    Naja Rosa is a bit traditional R/B, where Catbird is more like the Savage Rose, “Among us” is one of my best records (but I for some reason listen more to Naja….;- )

    As it is, Anisette is the greateer voice of the three, but the daughters are far better than Anisette were in their age (which DOES say a lot, Savage was one of Denmarks greatest bands already in the early 70ties….)

    • -And by the way, Savage Rose´s”Are you ready” is a great live record, I don´t know them all as my cd player died on me just as I met Savage and bought all their records, but it does somehow play the live record and it are just Great….;- (

  4. I found two albums from -68 (Japampress) on the net and when browsing I was surpriced to find out that Annisette still is in business! So now I have to look for the last releases as well. Right now I´m listening to the album In The Plain (whick I have on vinyl but haven’t listened to the last 20 years or so) and it strikes me that it easily could have been an “indie-release” today, fantastic!

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