The Inferno Festival Kick Off 2013

Nidingr © Per Ole HagenEvery Easter almost 2000 black metal fans gather in Oslo for their annual Inferno festival and family gathering. They come from Australia, China, India, USA, Europe and South America, and Norway. While many of the native Norwegians go to their cabins or hotels in the mountains to ski, the metal fans come together at Rockefeller and John Dee, two clubs in the same house in Oslo. (Picture above: Nidingr)

Koldbrann © Per Ole HagenKoldbrann

Yesterday night the Inferno festival had their yearly kick-off at John Dee, where the full program is presented and the fans get to see some of the Norwegian black metal bands play. This year Koldbrann, Nidingr, Iskald and Oslo Faenskap were playing the kick-off.

Iskald © Per Ole HagenIskald

I won’t be able to attend the Easter festival this year, but those who do, will be able to see some of the best metal bands, among them Satyricon, Dark Funeral, Taake, Deicide, Moonspell, Solefald, Purified In Blood and many others. You can see the full schedule here.

Oslo Faenskap © Per Ole HagenOslo Faenskap

If you haven’t been to Inferno, you should definitely think about it. The bands are great, the clubs are two of Oslo’s best, the “family” are friendly and truly interested in the music, and it is a good alternative to snow and skiing, at a time when there is at last hope for some spring and warmth in Norway.

Koldbrann © Per Ole HagenKoldbrann

The Kick Off was good, as usual. Good bands, a packed venue and many of the hardcore members of the black metal family. Of the four bands, Koldbrann was my favorite. Nidingr played a good set, and to me their songs seemed more melodic than the last time I saw them. I have seen Iskald before, and I like their melodic and straight forward songs. Oslo Faenskap is a new band whose members are quite young, and they got a good reception of their mix of pre-recorded loops and metal.

© Per Ole HagenNidingr

Of the bands who played at the Kick-off, Iskald is the only one who will also play at the festival. Make sure to check out the schedule for the festival. They haven’t announced all the bands yet, and there is still one or two surprises left.

Iskald © Per Ole HagenIskaldKoldbrann © Per Ole HagenKoldbrannNidingr © Per Ole HagenNidingrKoldbrann © Per Ole HagenKoldbrann

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen, and must not be used without written permission.

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