Jonny Lang at John Dee

Jonny Lang 30102017-17The first time I saw Jonny Lang was at Antone’s in Austin during SXSW around 2000, and then at the big outdoor venue Stubb’s during the same event in 2002. By that time he had had one #1 Billboard album, one Grammy nomination and had released three albums before he turned twenty. This week he played at John Dee, fifteen years after I saw him the last time.

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Folque 2014 Live at John Dee

Folque © Per Ole HagenYesterday night I saw Norway’s best known folk rock band from the 70’s, Folque, live for the first time since the late 70’s. They celebrated the 40th anniversary for the recording of their first and self-itled LP, and according to them, they played their first concert with their original singer for 37 years. (Picture above: Morten Bing and Øyvind Rauset) Continue reading

Inferno 2014 – Label Night With Indie Recordings

Kampfar © Per Ole HagenInferno 2014 has started, and the first night – the club night – is over. I spent the night at John Dee, where Indie Recordings presented three of their bands. Norwegian Kampfar, 20 year veterans of the black metal scene, Finnish Woland and the Norwegian band Glittertind. An eclectic mix, and a great night. (Picture above: Dolk from Kampfar)

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Thom Hell Live At John Dee

Thom Hell © Per Ole HagenWe have many very good songwriters and artists in Norway, but few as good as Thomas Helland, or Thom Hell as he calls himself. He has released four solo albums plus a best of album in his own name, the latest, Six, was released a few weeks ago. Yesterday I saw his release concert at John Dee for Six in Oslo.

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Southern Rock With Royal Southern Brotherhood

Royal Southern Brotherhood © Per Ole HagenThe definition of Southern Rock is a definitely loose one, without many objective criteria. It is more a term that has been put on bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Marshall Tucker Band and some others because they play music that mixes elements from rock, country, blues, and most important – they are from the southern states of the USA. Royal Southern Brotherhood is a band that might be classified as a southern rock band, and yesterday they played at John Dee in Oslo for Oslo Blues Club.

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The Inferno Festival Kick Off 2013

Nidingr © Per Ole HagenEvery Easter almost 2000 black metal fans gather in Oslo for their annual Inferno festival and family gathering. They come from Australia, China, India, USA, Europe and South America, and Norway. While many of the native Norwegians go to their cabins or hotels in the mountains to ski, the metal fans come together at Rockefeller and John Dee, two clubs in the same house in Oslo. (Picture above: Nidingr)

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Look to the hip music scene in Oslo

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene. © All Rights Reserved Per Ole Hagen

Kaizers Orchestra at Sentrum Scene.

Now you don’t have to go to New York, London or LA to be updatet on what’s hot and what’s not. Oslo and Atlanta have been declared by The Independent as the two main trend-setting cities. For Oslo, much of the honour goes to the showcase festival by:Larm. But there are other important contributors to Oslo’s new status that deserve to be mentioned.

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