Spellemannprisen – the Winners

Ole Paus. Photo: Bamble kommune under a CC licenseThe Norwegian award show for the best music releases from 2013, Spellemannprisen, was broadcast on Norwegian TV, NRK1, yesterday night. More than 80 artists composers, bands and orchestras were nominated in 23 different categories, some of them with more than one nominations. Here are pictures of some of the winners. Picture above: (Ole Paus who won the award for Spellemann of the year. Photo: Bamble kommune under a CC license.)

Pop band

Real Ones © Per Ole Hagen

Real Ones for the CD “Tonight Only Tonight/The Morning After”

Newcomer of the year

Monica Heldal © Per Ole Hagen

Monica Heldal for the CD “Boy From The North”


Gina Aspenes cover photo

Gina Aspenes for the CD “Inertia”


Bendik Braenne © Per Ole Hagen

Bendik Braenne for the CD “How to Fake It In America” (Here Bendik plays baritone sax to the left, with Amund Maarud)


Young Dreams © Per Ole Hagen

Young Dreams for the CD “Between Places”. (The picture is taken at the Spot festival in Aarhus, Copenhagen in May 2013.)

Open Class

Susanna © Per Ole Hagen

Susanna and Ensemble Neon for the CD “The Forester” (The picture is from the Oya festival in Oslo 2012.)

The Honorary Award for 2013

Anne Grete Preus © Per Ole Hagen

Anne Grete Preus (From the Egersund folk festival in 2007.)


Frida Aannevik © Per Ole Hagen

Frida Aannevik (Picture from the Bylarm festival in Oslo 2011.)


Kvelertak © Per Ole Hagen

Kvelertak for the CD “Meir” (From the Oya festival in Oslo 2013.)


Moddi © Per Ole Hagen

Moddi for the CD “Kæm va du? (“Who Were You?”) (The picture is from the Molde International Jazz Festival in 2010.)

Pop solist

Monica Heldal © Per Ole Hagen

Monica Heldal for the CD  “Boy From the North” (The picture is from a concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo 2013.)


Kin Midas © Per Ole Hagen

King Midas for the CD “Rosso”. (The picture is from the Norwegian Wood festival in 2005.)

Hit of the Year

Ylvis with the song “The Fox”

All pictures, except where otherwise indicated are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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