My Favorite Photos from 2014, A-M

Janelle Monae © Per Ole HagenOK.  So here is the first batch of my personal favorite photos from 2014, from Audrey Horne to Morudes. I might have loved the concert, or not, but I liked the visual performance and thought I managed to capture it on camera, too. Some of these bands and artists are well known, and some aren’t. Most are from Norwegian festivals and concert venues. I have posted them in alphabetic order, with no ranking of which I like the best.  Enjoy! (Pictures above: Janelle Monae from the Oya Festival)

Audrey Horne © Per Ole HagenAudrey Horne is always fun to shoot, as they have great songs and also the musicians are very eager posers. Here Ice Dale and bass player Espen Lien do their honors for the photographers.

Biffy Clyro © Per Ole HagenSimon Neil from Biffy Clyro always does his best to satisfy both the listeners’ ears and the eyes. Here he does both at Bergen Fest this summer.

Billy Bragg © Per Ole HagenAnother one from the Bergen Fest, this time Billy Bragg. Usually I try to avoid shooting singers straight on, since the microphone tends to cover the whole mouth. But this time I got some nice symmetry with the lights behind him.

Black Debbath © Per Ole HagenBlack Debbath are a “fun metal” band, with serious songs but some wild action on stage. Here is a Flying V show from three of the musicians at the Steinkjer Festival.

Blasphemy © Per Ole HagenBlasphemy were one of the headliners at this Easter’s black fest in Oslo, the Inferno Festival.

Cherisse Osei Bryan Ferry © Per Ole HagenBryan Ferry didi a very good concert at the Oya Festival, where his drummer, Cherisse Osei contributed both with a steady and playful rhythm, but also visually.

Claudia Scott © Per Ole HagenClaudia Scott is one of my favorite singer songwriters, and this is one of my favorite photos of her.

Dillinger Escape Plan © Per Ole HagenThe Dillinger Escape Plan were high and low during their set at the Bergen Fest this summer. Much fun to watch, and a serious hard sound.

Dimmu Borgir © Per Ole Hagen

Dimmu Borgir 17042014-28When it comes to Norwegian black metal, Dimmu Borgir is so far the commercially most successful when it comes to chart positions. Here they did a concert to remember at the Inferno festival.

Emilie Nicolas © Per Ole HagenEmilie Nicolas has been the most successful debutant on the Norwegian pop music scene this year. Here she performs at Bylarm in Oslo, the first time people really became aware of her qualities.

Enslaved © Per Ole HagenEnslaved is another of the top Norwegian black metal bands, and here they played at the Eidsivablot at Eidsvoll, north of Oslo in September.

Frk. Fryd © Per Ole HagenFrk Fryd is one of the young bands that have amazed me this year. This is from Bylarm.

Ghost © Per Ole HagenI have seen Ghost many times, but their concert at Tons of Rock was so far the best.

Hecvig Mollestad © Per Ole HagenHedvig Mollestad will always be a concert favorite for me. I love her trio’s sound, and I also love shooting them. This is from the Pstereo festival in Trondheim.

highasakite © Per Ole HagenHere is another one from the Pstereo festival, this is of Ingrid Håvik og highasakite.

Ian McLagan © Per Ole HagenDecember 3rd we lost Ian McLagan, the keyboard man from Small Faces and Faces, plus numerous recording with who’s who in the rock world. Ian was also a genuinely nice guy, which, sadly, isn’t always the truth about the biggest stars. This is taken at his concart at the Continental Club during SXSW in Austin this year, the last time I saw him and his Bump Band.

Ian Moore © Per Ole HagenIan Moore had much better light at his concert at the Continental Club than Ian McLagan. Ian Moore is also an extraordinary musicians, and playing the last spot of the SXSW this year, he did the most of his concert.

Ida Jenshus © Per Ole HagenIda Jenshus held a concert during the Trondheim Play one-day festival in September, and both the colors and the light were with me.

Jane's Addiction © Per Ole HagenPerry Ferrell is the singer of Jane’s Addiction,and he makes the most out of his role as a front man. This is from Sentrum Scene in Oslo.

Jarle Bernhoft © Per Ole HagenJarle Bernhoft is a fantsastic musician and singer, with much deserved success the last years. Here he belts out his song at Sentrum Scene in Oslo.

Kampfar © Per Ole HagenDolk is the singer of Kampfar, a Norwegian old-time black metal band. Here they perform at the Tons of Rock festival.

Keb Mo © Per Ole HagenThe first time I saw Keb Mo’ was in 1994 or 95. I liked him then, but even more at the Notodden Blues festival this year. The sweetest voice and some of the best blues songs I have heard. It didn’t hurt that he also looks great.

Kvelertak © Per Ole HagenKvelertak is always on my favorite list for photography, also this year, here from one of the many occasions where I saw them, at the Pstereo festival.

Laura Mvula © Per Ole HagenLast year was the first time I saw Laura Mvula, and I got a nice shot of the shadow from her eye lashes. I tried to repeat the shot at the Bergen fest this year, and was quite satisfied with the result.

Lissie © Per Ole HagenAs a concert photographer, you will always have the chance of shooting “hair in movement”, here represented by Lissie at her concert at the Notodden Blues festival.

Marianne Faithfull © Per Ole HagenI have used this photo of Marianne Faithfull on several occasions because it resonates with the cover photo from her newest album, “Give My Love To London”.

Mayhem © Per Ole HagenMost of my shots of Mayhem are of the is singer, Attila Csihar. Here is one of founding member Necrobutcher (Jørn Stubberud), from the Oya Festival.

Morudes © Per Ole HagenMorudes are brothers Amund and Henning Maarud. This duo is but one of their many band constellations, each of them of high quality.

Here are the rest of my personal favorite photos from 2014, N-W.

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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