My Favorite Photos from 2014, N-W

Silver © Per Ole HagenHere is the second batch of personal favorite photos from 2014, from Neil Young to Watain. Many of the photos have been used in other articles, or I have posted them on my Facebook photo page or my profile. But these are the rest of my personal favorites from this year, and hopeful some of them show why I like this so much! (Picture above: Silver)

Neil Young © Per Ole HagemThis picture of Neil Young is not from a concert but from the keynote during SXSW in Austin where he presented his sound system and player PONO.

Outkast © Per Ole HagemOutkast were one of the headliners at this year’s Oya Festival in Oslo, and this is Andre 3000 doing some of his tricks.

Papa Roach © Per Ole HagemPapa Roach is a band that combines teal with hip hop, and even if you wouldn’t think so, it actually sounds good. I liked the juxtaposing of the singer and their logo type with the drum set underneath.

Queens Of The Stone Age © Per Ole HagenQueens of the Stone Age was another headliner at the Oya Festival, and here I got three of the musicians, with Josh Homme in the middle. The light was difficult at the concert, but this was one of the bright moments.

Order funeral © Per Ole HagenIn December this year Rene Jansen of the band Order died, and the band layer in his funeral with his bass standing beside them. A very sad and touching moment, and I am glad that I got to know him before he passed away.

Rival Sons © Per Ole HagenMost of my pictures of the Rival Sons are of singer Jay Buchanan, but guitarist Scott Holiday is also worth shooting.

Robert Plant © Per Ole HagenRobert Plant is one of the lasting royalties of rock, and here he makes an unconscious, but also a typical pose at the Bergen Fest this summer. The concert was great, too.

Rotting Christ © Per Ole HagenRotting Christ is a metal band from Greece, and their guitar player was the most eager poser of them. This is from the Inferno festival in Oslo.

Royal Southern Brotherhood © Per Ole HagenRoyal Southern Brotherhood have become a live favorite in the two years they have existed. Here is Cyril Neville making eye contact with the photographer.

Sabaton © Per Ole HagenSabaton had the test stage show of all the bands at the Tons of Rock festival, with a fire breathing tank as a drum riser. Great show, ok music.

Sharon Van Etten © Per Ole HagenSharon van Etten is one of the female singer songwriters who played at the Oya Festival this year. I liked her music, and also her introvert stage show.

Shining © Per Ole HagenShining have been one of my favorite live concert bands for many years, and also one of the most photogenic. Here is Munkeby at Blaa in Oslo.

Silver © Per Ole HagenSilver is one of most difficult and also most fun bands to photograph that I know. Here is singer Ivar Nikolaisen standing almost still for two seconds at the Tons of Rock festival.

Slayer © Per Ole HagenKerry King of Slayer is always fun to shoot, as his pose is a trademark for the band. This is also from the Tons of Rock festival.

St. Vincent © Per Ole HagenI have shot St. Vincent twice, and this is from this year’s Pstereo festival in Trondheim. Her stage show is artistic and visually very different from most other artists. Her music is also captivating.

Team Me © Per Ole HagenUsually concert shots are of one of the musicians in a band, but sometimes it is good practice to capture the whole band. It isn’t’ easy, and most of the times not very successful. I like this one of Team Me, since it in my opinion shows much of the spirit of the band on stage.

The National © Per Ole HagenThe National is another example of an introvert indie band, therefore I liked getting this “action” shot of their guitarist.

The South © Per Ole Hagen

Ida Jenshus The South © Per Ole HagenThe South is history now, but they were quite actively touring this summer. Singer and guitarist Alexander Pettersen is also Ida Jenshus’ boyfriend, and since she didn’t have any touring this summer, she was allowed to sit in with the band on some of their gigs. It didn’t hurt their sound at all.

Timbuktu © Per Ole HagenTimbuktu is Swedish and has some very good, anti-racistic lyrics. He has also spoken out against the Swedish right wing party, and I like him both for this and for his music. This is from the Steinkjer festival this summer.

TNT © Per Ole HagenTNT did many festivals this summer, and this is Ronnie Le Tekrø from the Tons of Rock festival.

Ulf Lundell © Per Ole HagenUlf Lundell held a fantastic concert in Oslo this summer, a concert that was #1 on my list of my favorite concerts this year.

Veronica Maggio © Per Ole HagenVeronica Maggio is a very talented Swedish pop singer who writes some irresistible lyrics in Swedish. I like this photo because it also shows how some of our colleagues have no shame and don’t care if the spoil the moment for their colleagues in the photo pit. This is from the Bylarm festival in Oslo i February.

Vidar Busk @ Per Ole HagenVidar Busk is one of Norway’s finest blues artists, and he is also a bit of a comedian on stage some times. Here he makes a face at the Notodden Blues Festival.

volbeat © Per Ole HagenVolbeat is the best known Danish metal band, and I hope the guitarist doesn’t cut his braid before I get a chance to shoot him again.

Watain © Per Ole HagenWatain is the most foul smelling concert I saw this year. They headlined the last day of the Inferno festival, and rumor said that they had drenched their clothes in animal blood some time before the concert. It smelled bad, but the concert was good.

Here are my personal favorites from 2014, A-M.

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Photos from 2014, N-W

  1. Congratulations – good Photos! – I especially enjoyed the one of Robert Plant and Sharon Etten, because of the direct contact with You. Interesting Portraits.

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