Minor Majority Live – A Good Reason To Hang Around

Minor Majority © Per Ole HagenMinor Majority is a Norwegian band that started out as a duo in 2000, expanded to a trio, and became a full band when they were invited to play at the Quart festival in 2003. They soon became audience favorites at their concerts, and the albums sold very well. Their last studio album so far came in 2009, and in 2006 they released their so far most popular album, Reasons To Hang Around. On Saturday they celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary by playing the whole album plus some more for a sold out Rockefeller in Oslo. (Picture above: Pål Angelskår)

Minor Majority © Per Ole Hagen

Reasons To Hang Around sold well and earned the band a Spellemannpris (the Norwegian Grammy) for best pop band in 2007. The album also includes four singles that are considered among their very best songs. The last years the band have held a sold out concert at Rockefeller in January, and this year’s concert was no exception.

Minor Majority © Per Ole Hagen

Minor Majority is not a show band, I would say on the contrary. Their songs are introvert, often melancholic, and the live versions of the songs don’t deviate much from the album versions. But their fans don’t mind, on Saturday they sang along from the first song. From there it was smooth sailing with the audience recognizing and knowing all their songs. They have just released one new song, I’ve Been Here Before You, that they played at the end of the concert. Hopefully this means that they will release a new album soon.

Minor Majority © Per Ole HagenJon Arild Stieng

Minor Majority © Per Ole HagenHarald Sommerstad

Minor Majority © Per Ole HagenHenrik Harr Widerø

Minor Majority © Per Ole HagenHalvor Høgh Winsnes

The reason for Minor Majority’s success is very much because of singer and songwriter Pål Angelskår. He has a deep and full voice, and he writes songs that are musically uncomplicated, but with a band that play the songs to perfection. They have scheduled many concerts in Norway from now until summer. I will recommend trying to see them live. If you like their albums, you get a chance to see and hear the songs live together with all the other like-minded fans.

Minor Majority © Per Ole Hagen

Minor Majority © Per Ole Hagen

Minor Majority © Per Ole Hagen

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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