Midgardsblot 2017 – Black Metal and Vikings

Vikings 19082017-01One of my favorite Norwegian festivals is Midgarsblot. This year is the third year for the festival, while my second visit. The festival is held at Borre in Vestfold, surrounded by tumuli, or grave mounds from the viking age. At the festival site there is a replica of a mead hall, where the vikings feasted, so you can’t get a more viking inspired venue for a festival that combines vikings and metal in many different shapes.

Vikings 19082017-02

This year the festival had expanded with a third stage, the viking stage, in addition to the main outdoor stage and the indoor stage in the mead hall. At the indoor stage and the viking stage they had acoustic bands with a leaning to older repertoir and leaning more towards folk. On the outdoor stage the harder bands played, with a variety of different metal styles.

Nan Madol 18082017-11

Tengger Cavalry 18082017-17

One of the things that makes Midgardsblot different from other metal festivals is the viking camp and the viking fights and symbols all around the venue. It could have been a bit like a cliché, but it works like a charm at Midgardsblot, also for this writer who is not into vikings and role play. The atmosphere is friendly and vikings and metal heads goes together just fine. I will gladly recommend the festival for all who like metal rock, or vikings or both. Here are the bands I saw at Midgardsblot this year.


Blot – the viking offering to the Norse gods with Folket bortenfor Nordavinden

Blot 17082017-04

Blot 17082017-09

Blot 17082017-15

Blot 17082017-18

Eldrim at the viking stage

Eldrim 17082017-05

Eldrim 17082017-09

Kari Rueslåtten in the mead hall

Kari Rueslaatten 17082017-01

Kari Rueslaatten 17082017-08


Nan Madol

Nan Madol 18082017-09

Nan Madol 18082017-13


Superlynxl 18082017-06

Superlynxl 18082017-05

Superlynxl 18082017-04

Superlynxl 18082017-08


Virelai 18082017-08

Virelai 18082017-07

Virelai 18082017-04

Virelai 18082017-09

Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry 18082017-25

Tengger Cavalry 18082017-13

Tengger Cavalry 18082017-16

Tengger Cavalry 18082017-21


Winterfylleth 18082017-08

Winterfylleth 18082017-10

Winterfylleth 18082017-03

Gaahls Wyrd

Wyrd 18082017-07

Wyrd 18082017-09

Wyrd 18082017-23

Wyrd 18082017-19


Unleashed 18082017-06

Unleashed 18082017-20

Unleashed 18082017-08

Unleashed 18082017-13


Solstafir 18082017-25

Solstafir 18082017-26

Solstafir 18082017-20

Solstafir 18082017-19



Synkvervet 19082017-06

Synkvervet 19082017-09

Synkvervet 19082017-12

Synkvervet 19082017-07

Oranssi Pazuzu

Oranssa Panzuzu 19082017-05

Oranssa Panzuzu 19082017-04

Oranssa Panzuzu 19082017-03

Viking battle

Viking battle 19082017-04

Viking battle 19082017-03

Viking battle 19082017-01

Viking battle 19082017-02

Aura Noir

Aura Noir 19082017-02

Aura Noir 19082017-17

Aura Noir 19082017-12

Aura Noir 19082017-05


Moonsorrow 19082017-14

Moonsorrow 19082017-02

Moonsorrow 19082017-09

Moonsorrow 19082017-20


Heilung 19082017-24

Heilung 19082017-01

Heilung 19082017-03

Heilung 19082017-18


Tyr 19082017-11

Tyr 19082017-07

Tyr 19082017-06

Tyr 19082017-07

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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