Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Friday with Emperor, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more

Emperor 30032018-06While the first day of Inferno 2018 was packed quite early in the evening, Friday started out with a smaller crowd. But that changed when the big headliner, Emperor came on stage. I can’t remember Rockefeller as packed as this before. Those of us who were there the whole time got many good bands before Emperor, too. (Photo above: Ihsahn from Emperor)

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My Best Concert photos 2017, part 2

Moe 12082017-15All together I attended fifteen festivals in 2017 and around twenty single concerts, photographing more than 300 different performances, so far my most productive year as a concert photographer. Here is the second part of my favorite concert photos from 2017, from M to Z. (Photo above: The audience to Mø at the Øya Festival this summer.) Continue reading

Midgardsblot 2017 – Black Metal and Vikings

Vikings 19082017-01One of my favorite Norwegian festivals is Midgarsblot. This year is the third year for the festival, while my second visit. The festival is held at Borre in Vestfold, surrounded by tumuli, or grave mounds from the viking age. At the festival site there is a replica of a mead hall, where the vikings feasted, so you can’t get a more viking inspired venue for a festival that combines vikings and metal in many different shapes.

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The Inferno Metal Festival 2017 – Saturday with Belphegor, Primordial, Abbath and Slagmaur

Belphegor 15042017-17The last day of this year’s Inferno Metal Festival had some of the best bands, and also the most morbid show, plus the definitely shortest concert. The night’s headliner, Abbath, left the stage after four songs, which was a huge disappointment to everyone who came to see them. But we got great shows from Primordial and Belphegor, and Slagmaur started the whole thing with this year’s most spectacular and also the most morbid show. (Photo above Helmut Lehner from Belphegor)

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Enslaved – 25 Year Anniversary Tour

Enslaved © Per Ole HagenEnslaved is one of the most long lived metal bands in Norway. This year they celebrate 25 years together as a band with concert dates in Norway and Europe. The band was formed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson from Haugesund, and they are still with the band. So far Enslaved have won four Spellemann awards (Norwegian Grammy), with three more nominations. Last night they celebrated their first 25 years at Rockefeller in Oslo.

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Blastfest 2016 – Saturday with Abbath, Green Carnation and Red Harvest

Abbath © Per Ole HagenThe last day at Blastfest 2016 had an equally impressive line up as the other days. All Norwegian bands, and with a good variety in styles. Personally I wasn’t as active as the other days, but I covered the three last bands on the big stage, Red Harvest, Green Carnation and the one I had been looking most forward to, Abbath (picture above).

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Blastfest 2016 – Friday with Ihsahn, 1349, Arcturus and more

1349 © Per Ole HagenFriday at Blastfest started out with the same wet weather as the day before. Fortunately it wasn’t raining when I went over to the venue, but the rain came back with a vengeance when I went home after the last band. Hard wind and pouring rain isn’t exactly my kind of weather, so a taxi got me safe back to the hotel. But inside at USF Verftet it was hot and dark with fifteen bands eager to play their songs and fans from all over the world waiting to hear them. (Photo above: Ravn from 1349)

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Blastfest 2016 – Thursday with Gorgoroth, Taake, Dødheimsgaard and more

Gorgoroth © Per Ole HagenAfter Hole In The Sky in Bergen quit in 2012, the new Blastfest festival started in 2014. I attended the festival in 2015, and came back for three days of extreme metal this year. This year the lineup is 100% Norwegian metal, but that doesn’t hinder metal heads from all over the world come to Bergen.Someone told me that 43 nations are present, which shows that metal rock has penetrated the world. (Picture above: Gorgoroth)

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In Flames, Papa Roach and Wovenwar In Oslo

In Flames © Per Ole HagenLast night In Flames played Oslo Spektrum with While She Sleeps, Wovenwar and Papa Roach. I saw two of these and In Flames, and I liked all three a lot. Interestingly enough, around 3-4000 people were there, more than usually come to metal concerts. (Picture above: In Flames). Continue reading

Kvelertak – Norwegian Hardcore Band With Success

Kvelertak © Per Ole HagenKvelertak is one of the most promising bands from Norway the last years. They come from the city of Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway. The band started up in  2007, but got their break through in 2009. Kvelertak is headlining the second stage at the Oya festival’s first day, and here are some pictures of them for the last four years.

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