My Best Concert photos 2017, part 1

Publikum POH 23062017-12This year has been a busy year for me with many festivals and concerts. From metal, hardcore, heavy metal to bues, pop, singer songwriters and house concerts in different cities in Norway, Aarhus in Denmark plus SXSW in Austin, Tx. Here is the first batch of my favorite photos from 2017, A to M. (Photo above: audience at the Tons of Rock Festival)

Audience op 03082017-01The audience at the Notodden Blues Festival


1 Abbath 15042017-07

Abbath held a 45 minutes long concert at the Inferno Festival this year before he threw his guitar on the floor and ran off stage.

Aage Aleksandersen Band

2 Aage Aleksandersen 16092017-83

I shot Aage Aleksandersen at a private event at Røros, a small town in the middle of Norway in September. Here is his guitarist, Skjalg Raaen.


4 Belphegor 15042017-25

The Austrian blackened death band Belphegor was one of the best acts at the Inferno Festival in April in this year.

The Blues Brothers Band

5 Blues Brothers Band 02092017-17

One of the headliners for Blues in Hell in September this year and the most popular band at the festival, was the Blues Brothers Band with Steve Cropper.

Kari Bremnes

6 Kari Bremnes 17062017-23

Kari Bremnes is one of Norway’s best singer songwriters, and I was lucky enough to see her at the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo this summer.

Tove Bøygard

7 Tove Boygard 24022017-06

Tove Bøygard is a hard working, singer songwriter who has had well deserved success with her latest album, Blåe Drag. Here she performs at Herr Nilsen in Oslo in February.

Marie Kristin Dale

8 Marie Kristin Dale 17062017-07

At the Norwegian Wood Festival this year there was a celebration of the 50 year anniversary for Are you Experienced by Jimi Hendrix with different guitarists playing each of the tracks on the LP. Marie Kristin Dale is one of our best new blues guitarists.

De Marvells

8 De Marvells 22072017-11

De Marvells was new to me when I saw them, first at Norwegian Wood, and then at Månefestivalen in Fredrikstad in late July where I took this shot.

Death by Unga Bunga

9 Death By Unga Bunga 04022017-09

I always love to shoot Death By Unga Bunga, a punkish band with a 60’s image from Moss. Here I saw them at the Spot Festival in Aarhus, Denmark in May.

The Dogs

11 The Dogs 02032017-16

Another of my favorite Norwegian bands are The Dogs with Kristoffer Schau in front. Here he has a close encounter with a fan from the audience at the by:Larm festival in Oslo in March.


12 Eluveitie POH 22062017-02

The Tons of Rock Festival in Halden has a great variety of hard bands. One band that combines folk and metal is Eluveite from Switzerland.

Rick Estrin

13 Rick Estrin 27102017-08

The Dark Season Blues Festival is the most northern blues festival in the world, located at Svalbard, 78° north latitude. Rick Estrin with his Norwegian guitarist Kid Andersen was one of the headliners in late October this year.

Five Finger Death Punch

12 Five Finger Death Punch POH 24062017-02

Another headliner from the Tons of Rock Festival in June this year was Five Finger Death Punch. They were extremely photographer friendly.


14 Gabrielle 10082017-13

Gabrielle has been a successful artist in Norway for the last years, and her career soared after she was featured in the NRK TV series SKAM. Here she performs at the Øya Festival in Oslo in August.

Buddy Guy

16 Buddy Guy 05082017-20

One of the last of the original blues artists, Buddy Guy, was one of the headliners at the Notodden Blues Festival in August.

Beth Hart

16 Beth Hart 04082017-10

I have seen Beth Hart somewhere between 10 and 20 times the last twelve years, and this year I saw her twice. This is from the Notodden Blues Festival


17 Heilung 19082017-24

Heilung is a new band, and their performance at Midgardsblot in August was their first public performance. Amazing!


18 Hellacopters 12082017-21

Helacopters are veterans on the Swedish rock scene, and here is their guitarist Dregen at the Øya Festival in August.


20 Kampfar 03032017-35

Kampfar is one of the best of the Norwegian old school black metal bands. Here is their singer, Dolk, from their performance at by:Larm in March.

Klovner i Kamp

20 Klovner i Kamp 16062017-14

The Norwegian hip hop band Klovner i Kamp has played together since 1994, but their performance at the Norwegian Wood Festival was the first time I saw them

Lady J and her Bada Bing Band

23 Lady J and her Bada Bing Band 04082017-05

When you talk about authentic Norwegian rockabilly 50’s style, no one beats Lady J and her Bada Bing Band. Here from the Notodden Blues Festival, which is also her hometown.

Jonny Lang

21 Jonny Lang 30102017-09

The first time I saw Jonny Lang was around 2000, and in late October he played at John Dee in Oslo.

Jon Langford

23 Jon Langford 03052017-10

I have seen Jon Langford several time in Austin during SXSW with his different bands. In May he played a house concert in Oslo, together with Omar Østli from The Salmon Smokers.

Little Steven

24 Little Steven 05082017-23

Little Steven has been to Norway twice this year with his band The Disciples of Soul. This is from his concert at the Notodden Blues Festival in August.


25 Madcon 21072017-22

Madcon is a very popular Norwegian pop/hip hop band, and Tschawe Baqwa loves to make pranks on stage. His “victim” here is one of the security guards at Månefestivalen.

Lisa Mills

26 Lisa Mills 01092017-02

I saw Lisa Mills at the Ole Blues Festival in Bergen around 200 and liked what I heard. This year she was back at the Blues in Hell Festival in September.

Folk POH 22062017-21Audience at Tons of Rock

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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