Inferno Metal Festival 2018 – Saturday with Satyricon, Ihsahn, Krakow and more

Satyricon 31032018-11The third day of Inferno 2018 had Satyricon as the headliner. The band has been on an extensive and successful tour in Europe the last half year, and Saturday night was the closing concert on the second leg of this tour. Before Satyricon Ihsahn played a concert with his solo work. Another good day for extreme metal! (Photo above: Satyr from Satyricon)

Ihsahn 31032018-04Ihsan

Saturday night started with Nordjevel with some of the loudest pyro that has ever been fired off at the Rockefeller Music Hall. Kraków followed with their droning stoner metal, while Memoriam gave us some good old school metal before Ihsahn and Satyricon closed the night. This day, like the preceding days was totally sold out, and during Satyricon’s set the venue was packed.

Nordjevel 31032018-05

Nordjevel 31032018-06

Nordjevel 31032018-08

Nordjevel 31032018-09

Nordjevel is one of the newest bands at Inferno this year. They started out in 2015 and have already established themselves as one of the best black metal bands in Norway. They gave a hard and intense show with lots of loud pyro and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Krakow 31032018-07

Krakow 31032018-04

Krakow 31032018-06

Krakow 31032018-02

Kraków followed with stoner metal, lead by bassist Frode Kilvik, known from Aeternus, Gaahl’s Wyrd and several other bands. The band was tight, heavy and was a good contrast to Nordjevel.

Memoriam 31032018-03

Memoriam 31032018-10

Memoriam 31032018-01

Memoriam 31032018-09

Next out was British old school death metal band Memoriam. They were started in 2016 by veteran singer Karl Willets from Bolt Thrower as a tribute to drummer Martin. Kaerns who died in 2015.

Ihsahn 31032018-02

Ihsahn 31032018-11

Ihsahn 31032018-15

Ihsahn 31032018-08

Ihsahn performed a memorable concert the second day of Inferno with his band Emperor. Saturday night he played another concert, but with his solo project. Different from Emperor, and with influences from classical music, some jazz, and with intricate guitar parts played on his seven and eight string guitars.

Satyricon 31032018-19

Satyricon 31032018-16

Satyricon 31032018-04

Satyricon 31032018-23

Satyricon 31032018-30

The last concert Saturday night was with Satyricon. The band always deliver live, and as this concert was the last one of their extensive Europe tour, they gave what was left of their energy to the fans. A perfect end to the third day at Inferno.

Satyricon 31032018-28

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.


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