Bylarm 2019 – Promising New Bands and Artist

Bylarm is the Norwegian showcase festival with a Nordic and international focus. The first festival was arranged in 1998, so this years edition was the twenty second. The mix between seminars and showcases is well tested  from festivals like SXSW, and it works well for Bylarm, too.  (Photo above: brenn.)

Fay Wildhagen

What I like best at festivals  like this, is that you can meet colleagues and friends at the conference part of the festival, and also that many of the seminars and panels adds knowledge about many interesting topics. This year I chose panels about copyright, about Article 13 in the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. I also saw presentations about surveys dealing with the economy in the Norwegian music market plus a survey about internationalization for Norwegian artists.

The singer of Jinjer

One interesting part of the showcase part of the festival, is Bylarm Black. Two of the stages have only metal acts all three days, and I visited two of the days. The rest of the showcases I saw were held at different venues and of different music styles. All together I found it interesting that it seems like guitar based rock is slowly coming back, and that EDM seems to be taking a back seat.

Here are the artists I saw during Bylarm 2019.






Nils Bech

Fay Wildhagen

Girl In Red


Malin Pettersen

Silver Lining

Malin Pettersen

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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