Luck Reunion With Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Steve Earl, Mavis Staples and more

Willie Nelson 14032019-09Every year for some years Willie Nelson has had his own festival at his ranch, Luck, called Luck Reunion. This year was my first, and what a day it was. Sunny weather, lats of great bands, friendly people, and if you wanted to, you could but some of Willie’s Reserve for your own pleasure. (Photo above: Willie Nelson)

Luck stemning 14032019-03

The festival is a one day event, and tickets are hard to come by. I never got a count, but it must have been around 4-5000 lucky people who had got hold of a ticket. The ranch is a former film set that Willie  has bought, and among other things he uses it for this event. The line up is impressive, with Willie Nelson & Family as the headliner at the main stage.

Luck stemning 14032019-04

All together there were five stages, two of them very intimate inside houses, but one tent stage and two open outside stages. Because of long lines to get in, I didn’t visit the house stages, but prioritized  the outdoor ones where there was easier  access. The artists I saw was Willie Nelson, his sons Lukas Nelson and Micah Nelson (as Particle Kid), daughter Paula Nelson with Jesse Dayton, Steve Earle, Mavis Staples, Shakey Graves, Markus King Band and Matthew Logan Vasquez.

Willie Nelson & Family

Willie Nelson 14032019-11

Willie Nelson 14032019-05

Willie Nelson 14032019-08

Lukas Nelson

Lukas Nelson 14032019-18

Lukas Nelson 14032019-29

Lukas Nelson 14032019-24

Lukas Nelson 14032019-11

Particle Kid (Micah Nelson)

Particle Kid Micah Nelson 14032019-10

Particle Kid Micah Nelson 14032019-14

Particle Kid Micah Nelson 14032019-13

Particle Kid Micah Nelson 14032019-06

Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples 14032019-03

Mavis Staples 14032019-08

Mavis Staples 14032019-04

Mavis Staples 14032019-06

Steve Earle

Steve Earle 14032019-11

Steve Earle 14032019-05

Steve Earle 14032019-07

Steve Earle 14032019-04

Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves 14032019-07

Shakey Graves 14032019-03

Shakey Graves 14032019-09

Shakey Graves 14032019-05

Markus King Band

Markus King 14032019-01

Markus King 14032019-02

Markus King 14032019-05

Matthew Logan Vasquez

Matthew Logan Vasquez 14032019-04

Matthew Logan Vasquez 14032019-02

Lukas Nelson 14032019-05Lukas Nelson

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission

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