SXSW 2019 – Friday with Steve Earle, Darling West, Seratones and more

Robert Ellis 15032019-02Friday night at SXSW I decided to go and stay the whole night at the Mohawk before going over to The Driskill  for  Darling West. I have actually never been to the Mohawk before, and with both father and son Earle, Steve and Justin Townes, it was an easy choice.  (Photo above: Robert Ellis)

Seratones 15032019-08Seratones

Mohawk is located on Red River and has been threatened by the new  hotel close  to it. The club has been voted Best Club in Austin at the Austin Music Awards, and it has two stages  and a large capacity.  My only  complaint is the lightning, but that is as a photographer and not as a music fan.

Lilly Madeleine 15032019-03Lily & Madeleine

Justin Townes Earle started the night on the inside stage before Lily & Madeleine started on the outside stage. After them, Robert Ellis, Texas’ own mix of Liberace and Elton John, did a set. Seratones,  a high energy and good band with a great singer were up next before Steve Earle. Lots of people at The Mohawk and a good mood. After Steve Earle I walked over to the Driskill hotel to see  the Norwegian band Darling West. They will also play Leeann Atherton’s Barn Dance on Sunday, so I get an extra chance of seeing them.

Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle 15032019-03

Justin Townes Earle 15032019-01

Justin Townes Earle 15032019-05

Lilly & Madeleine

Lilly Madeleine 15032019-01

Lilly Madeleine 15032019-02

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis 15032019-07

Robert Ellis 15032019-01

Robert Ellis 15032019-01


Seratones 15032019-09

Seratones 15032019-03

Seratones 15032019-07

Steve Earle

Steve Earle 15032019-03

Steve Earle 15032019-04

Steve Earle 15032019-02

Darling West

Darling West 15032019-03

Darling West 15032019-02

Darling West 15032019-05

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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