Månefestivalen 2019 – with Wyclef Jean, Highasakite, Gåte, Bigbang and more

This year’s Månefestivalen was my third in a row, and like last year, it was a hot happening. Beautiful weather, sun, hot, a perfect recipe for a successful festival. The festival had a mix of national and local artists, plus Wyclef Jean as the headliner on Saturday. And on Thursday, the building society OBOS sponsored a special day with four artiists and where the proceeds are donated to a local cause. (Photo above: Wyclef Jean)

Månefestivalen is arranged in the old part oof Fredrikstad, at Gamlebyen, and at Tøihusplassen, the place utside of Tøihuset, that was built in 1773 as part of the fortress at Gamlebyen. The place is a perfect venue for the festival, with an open place for the concerts and a beautiful garden behind it for hanging around and eating and drinking.

Here are the concerts I saw at Månefestivalen this year.

Wyclef Jean







September When

Sol Heilo


Marion Ravn


De Press

The Northern Belle

Dream Police



The Running Numbers

Jimmy Smash

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.


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