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Avid concert photographer and music journalist. Works with Music IP management at the Norwegian Brodcasting System (NRK).

Leeann’s Barndance 2019 – The Very Very Best Ever?

Darling West 17032019-07I said that the 2015 Barn Dance may have been the best post SXSW Barn Dance ever, but after yesterday’s event I may have to moderate this. Yesterday didn’t have the warmest weather, but it was around 70 F, and it was probably the biggest crowd I have ever seen there. On top of that everyone seemed super happy. Photo above: Darling  West and Leeann Atherton)

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SXSW 2019 – Saturday with Hayes Carll, Ben Dickey, The Iguanas and more

Ben Dickey 16032019-02The last day of SXSW 2019 I spent seeing the excellent film Nothing Stays The Same in the afternoon, before walking over to South Congress and the Bloodshot Records party behind The Yard Dog. After dinner I went  to The Continental Club to see the bands there.  To me this was the perfect closing to a hectic and successful SXSW. Photo above: Ben Dickey)

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SXSW 2019 – Friday with Steve Earle, Darling West, Seratones and more

Robert Ellis 15032019-02Friday night at SXSW I decided to go and stay the whole night at the Mohawk before going over to The Driskill  for  Darling West. I have actually never been to the Mohawk before, and with both father and son Earle, Steve and Justin Townes, it was an easy choice.  (Photo above: Robert Ellis)

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Luck Reunion With Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Steve Earl, Mavis Staples and more

Willie Nelson 14032019-09Every year for some years Willie Nelson has had his own festival at his ranch, Luck, called Luck Reunion. This year was my first, and what a day it was. Sunny weather, lats of great bands, friendly people, and if you wanted to, you could but some of Willie’s Reserve for your own pleasure. (Photo above: Willie Nelson)

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SXSW 2019 – Wednesday With Edie Brickell, The Waco Brothers and more

Waco Brothers 13032019-14The first full SXSW night of showcases kicked off with almost 500 bands showcasing their music at close to one hundred venues. Since Edie Brickell was playing an eleven o’clock gig, I chose to go there early to be sure to get in. That also meant that I saw two bands before her that I have never heard before, nor knew anything about. (Photo above: The Waco Brothers)

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SXSW 2019 – David Byrne “Reasons To Be Cheerful”

David Byrne 13032019-06Just like T Bone Burnett, David Byrne also uses his time  and position for other causes than music and film.  David Byrne’s project is called Reasons To Be Cheerful, and is a multi media project dealing with different social  issues, like education, health, climate, energy,  etc.  At SXSW he held an  engaged and exciting speech on the convergence day about his project.

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SXSW 2019 – T Bone Burnett Keynote

T Bone Burnett 13032019-02Every year some famous artist or music personality holds a keynote when the music part of SXSW starts. This year the keynote was held by producer, artist,  film maker and ten times Grammy, plus Oscar winning T Bone Burnett as part of the Convergence day, with seminars ans talks for both Music,  Film and Interactive delegates. Unlike many of the former keynotes I have heard, he didn’t speak about music at all, but it was at the same time on of the best keynotes I have heard during more than twenty years at SXSW.

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Chuck Prophet Patrice Pike, Casper Rawls and Super Drakes in Austin

At last I am back in Austin, and the first and second night here I saw four great bands at three of my favorite clubs, The Continental Club, The Saxon Pub and The One-2-One Bar. The clubs are all situated in South Austin, which is also my favorite area. (Photo above: Chuck Prophet)

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Bylarm 2019 – Promising New Bands and Artist

Bylarm is the Norwegian showcase festival with a Nordic and international focus. The first festival was arranged in 1998, so this years edition was the twenty second. The mix between seminars and showcases is well tested  from festivals like SXSW, and it works well for Bylarm, too.  (Photo above: brenn.)

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Trondheim Calling 2019 – Showcase Festival and Conference

Trondheim Calling will be 10 year next year, and is one of four showcase festivals in Norway, including byL:arm, Sørveiv and Vill Vill Vest. Of these, Trondheim Calling is a good runner up compared to the “old” by:Larm, which has been going on since 1998.This was my fourth Trondheim Calling since 2016, and here are the bands I saw at the festival. (Photo above: Biru Baby) Continue reading