El Caco, Stoner Rock from Norway

El Caco © Per Ole HagenOne of Norway’s hardest working bands are El Caco. They are a trio, playing dark and heavy music somewhere between stoner rock straight rock and heavy rock. In January they released their 6th CD, Hatred, Love and Diagrams, and they have toured this album extensively this year. Yesterday night they played at Rockefeller in Oslo.

El Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco started out in 1998 and have played with the same set up since then, except the drummer, Fredrik Wallumrod, who started in 2007. The two others, singer and bassist Oyvind Osa and guitarist Anders Gjesti have played in the band since the start, and you can hear it in their tight playing.

El Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco’s style is tight playing, riff based guitar and melodious songs with dark lyrics and hard and sometimes monotonic rhythm. Osa’s voice is clear and strong, and adds positively to the heavy sound of the instruments. Anders Gjesti played hard riffs, short solos and he fills out the rhythms in a perfect way.

El Caco © Per Ole HagenRockefeller wasn’t packed, but the most of their fans were there. The audience was with them from the first song. The last time I saw El Caco was at by:Larm in February, and a long tour with the new songs have made a tight and good sounding band even better. I didn’t see the while concert, but I really liked what I saw, and I can recommend both their CD and their live show.

El Caco © Per Ole HagenYou can see more pictures of El Caco from the show at Rockefeller and also from other concerts the last 5 years.

El Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco © Per Ole HagenEl Caco © Per Ole HagenAll the pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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