Jenny Moe Debuts With CD And Concert

Jenny Moe © Per Ole HagenEvery year many hopeful artists release CDs or start their careers in other ways. Some of them have been discovered by a record company and have big resources behind them. Others have done the whole job themselves. Jenny Moe is one of those artists, and Friday night she played her debut concert for her first CD, Mon Capitaine in Oslo.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

The venue for the concert was Parkteatret, an intimate former movie theater, well suited for concerts. I have seen many concerts there, among them Gojira, and both hard and soft music sounds good there. Parkteatret was a good venue for Jenny Moe’s debut, and the audience were many and enthusiastic.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

Jenny Moe has worked hard and for a long time with her debut. I have been lucky to follow the process, listening to the songs from sketches until the finished product. I have also followed the process of making a cover, taking the cover photos, setting up an exquisite website, and working social media  and the rest that is necessary for a succesful launching.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

The starting point for all artists are the songs. Without good songs, no sustainable career. Jenny Moe has some very good songs, and she has done a good job in getting them recorded in a way that get the best out of them. The production was done by herself with Magnus Haengsle and Per Martin Nordlie and it is dynamic, organic and works great for the songs. You can listen to the CD on Spotify or WiMP, and you can buy it on iTunes.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

The debut concert was well directed, with tasteful decorations on the stage, and a band that sounded fresh and inspired. At the end of the concert, the choir Koret (meaning “The Choir”) came on stage, making a perfect end to a great night. I was impressed by the whole concert, the musicians and Jenny Moe’s performance.

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

Jenny Moe’s CD has recieved good reviews so far, and that is well deserved. LIve she is also good, with a voice that is both strong and can show emotions. Her songwriting skills shows in her songs, where the best of them are really good. It has been interesting and rewarding to follow this process, and Jenny Moe deserves all the success she can get. She is an artist with some great and catchy songs that she performs very well. What more can you ask for?

Jenny Moe © Per Ole Hagen

All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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    From my release concert 26th of September at Parkteatret, Oslo. I’ve never been more nervous. But I’ve never been happier afterwards either. Read a review and photos from music connoisseur and concert photographer Per Ole Hagen!

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