My Best Concert photos 2017, part 2

Moe 12082017-15All together I attended fifteen festivals in 2017 and around twenty single concerts, photographing more than 300 different performances, so far my most productive year as a concert photographer. Here is the second part of my favorite concert photos from 2017, from M to Z. (Photo above: The audience to Mø at the Øya Festival this summer.) Continue reading

Melissa Horn Sings About Her Life At Sukkerbiten In Oslo

Melissa Horn © Per Ole HagenMelissa Horn is one of the most gifted Swedish artists. She is a singer songwriter who started out with her first album 21 years old in 2008. Since then she has released four more albums, the latest, Jag går nu (I am leaving now) in 2015. Last night she played at Sukkerbiten in Oslo.

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Jenny Moe Debuts With CD And Concert

Jenny Moe © Per Ole HagenEvery year many hopeful artists release CDs or start their careers in other ways. Some of them have been discovered by a record company and have big resources behind them. Others have done the whole job themselves. Jenny Moe is one of those artists, and Friday night she played her debut concert for her first CD, Mon Capitaine in Oslo.

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The Kinkster Live in Oslo

Kinky Friedman © Per Ole HagenKinky Friedman is an artist, writer, politician, but first of all Texan, even if he is born in Chicago. His songs and one-liners are witty, very politically incorrect, and sometimes quite provocative – specially to people of the republican persuasion. Yesterday night he played live at Café Mono in Oslo to an audience who knew their Kinkster history.

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