by:Larm 2015 – Saturday, Day Three

Bendik © Per Ole HagenSaturday was the last day of this year’s by:Larm, a festival that will be remembered as a successful one. There were lots of people in town these days, many highly interesting seminars, and artists who really came through, but to the fans and the music business people. (Picture above: Bendik) Einherjer © Per Ole HagenAksel Herloe from Einherjer

I had scheduled the night with Rockefeler and metal bands as my base, but planned to start with the rap duo Kuuk, and with a trip over to Sentrum Scene to see Bendik later. An hour before the concert started, the electricity went on both the tent stages, and Kuuk were placed later, colliding with my other bands. Thursday at by:Larm 2015 Friday at by:Larm 2015 Execration © Per Ole Hagen Execration © Per Ole Hagen The first band I saw, were Execration, the winners of the Norwegian Grammy in the metal rock category this year. They play hard, but also melodic metal, riff based, and with both guitarists alternating with the vocals.They won for a reason, but live they aren’t the most interesting band. They compensate with very tight and precise playing. Dunderbeist © Per Ole Hagen Dunderbeist © Per Ole Hagen Dunderbeist © Per Ole Hagen The last time I saw Dunderbeist, was three years ago at the Inferno festival. Then they had two singers and face paint. Now they have a straight stage show, no frills, and they have one singer. Their music has Norwegian lyrics, and the songs have a kind of “happy” feel to them, even if that might sound like a contradiction in terms for a metal band. Bendik © Per Ole Hagen Bendik © Per Ole Hagen Bendik © Per Ole Hagen From Dunderbeist I went over to Sentrum Scene to see Bendik. Bendik is Silje Halstensen with extra live musicians. Her music is modern pop music, melodic, Norwegian lyric with a personal touch, and Silje has full control on stage. She runs around on stage, changes between hand held mic and guitar. I will rank her concert up among the three-four best by:Larm concerts that I saw this year. Einherjer © Per Ole Hagen Einherjer © Per Ole Hagen From Bendik I went back to Rockefeller to see Einherjer. They are a Viking metal band from Haugesund and are veterans on the Norwegian metal scene, being founded in 1993. I have seen them a couple of times before, but didn’t either like or dislike them then. But last night I listened more closely, and their music is more open and varied than what I remember. A definite plus for Einherjer. CVLT © Per Ole Hagen CVLT © Per Ole Hagen My last by:Larm band this year was CVLT. They are a post-black metal band, three members who all play in different other bands, but who keep their identities secret. With vocals, one guitar and drums, and black monk robes, they didn’t catch my interest, so I got an early return home. Dunderbeist © Per Ole HagenTwo fans at the Dunderbeist concert All pictures are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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