The Øya Festival 2018 – Saturday with Patti Smith, Bendik, Neneh Cherry, Sløtface, Curtis Harding and more

Patti Smith 11082018-21The last day at Øyafestivalen starts early, and the last band stops at 11 PM, which means ten hours of music from six stages. Twenty eight bands and artists plus book talks and artist interviews. And after the last act has finished, the party continues at clubs in Oslo, like the other three nights. With the club day Tuesday before the festival venue opens, much more than a hundred bands and artists have presented themselves for their fans. (Photo above: Patti Smith)

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Trondheim Calling – A Showcase Festival To Visit

Biru Baby @ Per Ole HagenIn Norway we have had a showcase festival since 1998, by:Larm. It started out in Trondheim the first year, and was arranged in different cities around Norway the first years. Since 2008 it has been arranged in Oslo. by:Larm has been a successful festival and conference, getting international attention. In 2011 the first edition of Trondheim Calling was arranged. Not in protest to by:Larm, but as a local alternative in Trondheim. During these five years Trondheim Calling has grown to be a very interesting festival with showcases from up and coming bands and interesting seminars with a talk with Keith Harris as a highlight. (Photo above: Biru Baby)

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Steinkjerfestivalen 2015 – Saturday with DumDum Boys, Europe, Bendik, OnklP og Slekta, Gabrielle and more

Gabrielle © Per Ole HagenThe second day of Steinkjerfestivalen was sunny and with more people than ever. It started early and the last band finished 10 hours later. This year will probably be the most commercially successful for the festival of all the ten years, and I am very happy for them. Musically, Saturday was like Friday, a mix of different styles for people in all ages. A local festival can’t be programmed like a national festival, and both have their charm. Yesterday we were served dance music, male choirs, hard rock, 80’s heavy rock, Creedence covers, rap mixed with punk, electronica and musical humor Who can complain about that? (Photo above: Gabrielle)

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by:Larm 2015 – Saturday, Day Three

Bendik © Per Ole HagenSaturday was the last day of this year’s by:Larm, a festival that will be remembered as a successful one. There were lots of people in town these days, many highly interesting seminars, and artists who really came through, but to the fans and the music business people. (Picture above: Bendik) Continue reading

Slottsfjell 2013 – The Last Day

Karpe Diem © Per Ole HagenSaturday at the Slottsfjell Festival had the same warm and beautiful weather as the first two days. The whole area was packed with happy people, and the mood was just as good as the other days. An outdoor festival without rain or cloudy weather is a rarity in Norway. I can’t remember more than a handful of the couple of hundred festivals I have attended since I was young, where the weather has been this good for the whole festival. (Picture above: Magdi from Karpe Diem)

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