The Full Moon Barn Dance 2015 – The Best Ever?

Hanne Leeann © Per Ole HagenAs I have written here every year for some years now, the Full Moon Barn Dance that happens on the Sunday after all the SXSW mayhem is over, is my best tradition in Austin. Leeann Atherton arranges it in her garden in South Austin, and all the good people from South Austin, plus a contingent from all over the USA and the world gather for a cool and friendly day with music, BBQ, drinks and just good companionship. Last year the weather was bitterly cold, this year it was perfect. (Photo above: Hanne Kolstoe and Leeann Atherton)

Barn Dance © Per Ole Hagen

Since you can read about the former Barn Dances in 2014 here, in 2013 here and in 2012 here, I won’t repeat too much about the set up. But the host, Leeann Atherton, is a well known singer songwriter in Austin, doing a weekly show at the Maria’s Taco XPress on South Lamar. She also writes great songs and has a full and rich voice, making it a perquisite for me to go there every Friday night I am in Austin. Leeann always performs with her excellent and at the Barn Dance, and this year she presented a couple of her new songs that will soon be out on CD.

DT © Per Ole HagenDT and his smoker

The music, Leeann’s funky garden and the people is one thing, to get to eat DT’s fantastique barbecue is a big bonus at the Barn Dance. Leeann has hired DT for many years, and he is a perfect cook, and a friendly guy. If you have a party in Austin and need a caterer, look no further!

Barn Dance © Per Ole HagenSome Norwegian guests

Since 2001 I have had the great honor and also the pleasure to suggest Norwegian artists and bands for the Barn Dance. As you will see from the former years, and also from the Full Moon Barn Dance site, many famous and well known bands from all over USA and abroad have played there over the years. Norwegian names have been Katzenjammer, The Real Ones, Thomas Dybdahl, Big Bang, Karpe Diem, Marit Larsen, Hedvig Mollestad, Kurt Nilsen and many others. All together around 30 Norwegian acts have played at the barn during the last 15 years.

Barn Dance © Per Ole Hagen

This year Norwegian acts Hanne Kolstoe and Death By Unga Bunga played at the Barn Dance, together with Swedish band The Magnetts, singer songwriter Gary Nicholson, Ray Bonneville, Kevin Gordon, Leeann Atherton and Matthew Robinson. The crowd, somewhere between 300 and 500 all together, had a great time. Coming from Norway, it is interesting to see that people of all ages gather, there is no violence or aggressive behavior, every one is happy and friendly. Every time I go to Leeann’s Barn Dance, I feel like a South Austinite.

Here are more photos from this year’s Barn Dance.

Matthew Robinson © Per Ole HagenMatthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson © Per Ole HagenMatthew Robinson

Kevin Gordon © Per Ole HagenKevin Gordon

Leeann Atherton © Per Ole HagenLeeann Atherton

Gary Nicholson © Per Ole HagenGary Nicholson

Hanne Kolstoe © Per Ole HagenHanne Kolstoe

The Magnetts © Per Ole HagenThe Magnetts

Death By Unga Bunga © Per Ole HagenDeath By Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga © Per Ole HagenThe singer of Death By Unga Bunga

Barn Dance © Per Ole Hagen

Leeann Per Ole © Per Ole HagenMe and Leean Atherton

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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