1349 – The Year of the Black Death

1349 30102015-061349 is one of Norway’s leading black metal bands. They were formed in 1997, and they are named after the year the Black death came to Norway, killing more than half of the Norwegian population and somewhere between 50 and 80 million people in Europe. This year it is 666 years since the Black death, and last night 1349 presented their album Hellfire from 2005 at the Vulkan Arena in Oslo, celebrating, or maybe rather commemorating those 666 years.

1349 30102015-01

The drummer of Satyricon, Frost, was one of the forming members of 1349. He is still a member, but doesn’t always play live with the band. But singer Ravn, bassist Seidemann and guitarist Aschaon are always on stage, also last night. With pyro, smoke and some great lightning, this was another reminder of how good a band 1349 is.

1349 30102015-23

If you want to see more of my earlier 1349 photos, you will find them here and here.

1349 30102015-22

1349 30102015-04

1349 30102015-21

1349 30102015-20

1349 30102015-16

1349 30102015-18

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