Sannhet på Boks – A Tribute to Raga Rockers

Aase Kleveland © Per Ole HagenI recently wrote about deLillos, one of the four great rock bands in Norway. Wednesday night twenty five different artists held a tribute concert to Raga Rockers, one of the other of the four greats. The occasion is that a CD box was released, Sannhet på boks (Truth In A Box), with twelve CDs with all of Raga Rockers’ songs, performed by these twenty five and almost one hundred more artists. (Picture above: former minister of culture Åse Kleveland, Atle Egil Glomstad and Chris Damien Doll)

Blakk © Per Ole HagenBlakk

The concert started with a set from the Raga Rockers tribute band, Blakk (Broke), who played a short set of Raga Rockers songs, with an uncanny vocal likeness from singer Joakim Jokke Landstad. After Blakk, the choir Mannskoret entered the stage, singing their tribute song, before the band for the night came on stage.

Christer Falch Thomas Robsahm © Per Ole HagenChrister Falck and Thomas Robsahm

The whole show, the CD box and the concert was initiated by film diirector and producer Thomas Robsahm and Christer Falck, record company owner, entrepreneur, record collector, writer and Raga Rocker fan.

Chris Damien Doll © Per Ole HagenChris Damien Doll

Geir Bratland Atle Egil Glomstad Thomas Reite © Per Ole HagenGeir Bratland, Atle Egil Gomstad, Thomas Reite

Geir Bratland © Per Ole HagenGeir Bratland

The band consisted of guitarists Chris Damien Doll and Atle Egil Glomstad, keyboardist Geir Bratland, basist Tommy Reite and Christain Svendsen on drums. The band made a remarkable job accompanying all the 19 of the artists during the night.

Here are photos of the tribute artists:

Mannskoret © Per Ole HagenMannskoret

Jo Nesbø © Per Ole HagenJo Nesbø

Silje Hope © Per Ole HagenSilje Hope (Cocktail Slippers)

Ronny Pøbel © Per Ole HagenRonny Pøbel

Thomas Feldberg © Per Ole HagenThomas Feldberg

Freddy Holm © Per Ole HagenFreddy Holm

Harald Turberg Jr © Per Ole HagenHarald Tusberg Jr

Victoria Winge © Per Ole HagenVictoria Winge

Hilde Selvikvaag © Per Ole HagenHilde Selvikvåg

Siv Langoy © Per Ole HagenSiv Langøy

Sandra Kolstad © Per Ole HagenSandra Kolstad

Joddski © Per Ole HagenJoddski

Trond Hagane © Per Ole HagenTrond Hagane

Aasmund Lande © Per Ole HagenÅsmund Lande (Oslo Ess)

Joakim Jokke Landstad © Per Ole HagenJoakim Jokke Landstad

Kent Nordberg © Per Ole HagenKent Nordberg (Sator)

Kristopher Schau © Per Ole HagenKristopher Schau

Anneli Drecker © Per Ole HagenAnneli Drecker

Anneli Drecker Joakim Jokke Landstad © Per Ole HagenAnneli Drecker and Joakim Jokke Landstad

Ingvild Hammer © Per Ole HagenIngvild Hammer

Anton Rud © Per Ole HagenAnton Ruud

Espen Dansken © Per Ole HagenEspen “Dansken” Selvig

Alex Rosen © Per Ole HagenAlex Rosén

Alex Møklebust © Per Ole HagenAlexander Møklebust (Seigmen)

Aase Kleveland © Per Ole HagenÅse Kleveland

Audience © Per Ole Hagen

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.


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