Grand Tribute Concert to Leonard Cohen in Oslo

Odd Norheim 25042017-06Norway has always had a special place for Leonard Cohen, for many reasons. One is that Marianne in So Long Marianne is Norwegian. Also because many of his albums and songs were huge hits in Norway, but often not recognized in the rest of the world. In 1993 the album Cohen på norsk was made with Norwegian artists singing his songs in Norwegian, and last night the artists from the album plus more than twenty others played a tribute concert at Oslo Spektrum. (Photo above: Odd Nordheim and Safari perform Hallelujah)

Alle 25042017-01

The concert  was initiated by Christer Falck, together with Håvard Rem, a Norwegian poet who translated the lyrics on Cohen på Norsk. Christer Falck is a record producer, publisher and enthusiast who has staged tribute concerts for Prince and the Norwegian band Raga Rockers and Bendik Hofseth before, and also published books about his favorite artists. The music director for the concert was Freddy Holm, and his excellent band, The Salmon Smokers, supported by Bebe Risenfors and three singers accompanied the artists.

Freddy Holm korister 25042017-02Freddy Holm, the chorists and Bebe Risenfors

The concert was filmed for TV, and will be broadcast in Norway at NRK TV early June. The first song, Suzanne, was sung by one of the grand old singer songwriters in Norway, Alf Cranner, together with Knut Reiersrud on guitar. Suzanne was Leonard Cohen’s first hit, in 1967, The last song at the concert, So Long Marianne, was performed by Lars-Lillo Stenberg. Marianne and Leonard Cohen were lovers during the 60’s, and many of his songs are inspired by her. They met at Hydra in Greece after she was left by her husband, author Axel Jensen.

Between these songs we got 23 of Cohen’s songs spanning his whole career. Here are the artists who performed at the concert:

Alf Cranner and Knut Reiersrud: Suzanne

Alf Cranner 25042017-03

Rem & Rem: Going Home

Rem og Rem 25042017-03

Erlend Ropstad: The Future

Erlend Ropstad 25042017-05

Jan Eggum: Chelsea Hotel #2

Jan Eggum 25042017-02

Anneli Drecker: Came So Far For Beauty

Anneli Drecker 25042017-03

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez/Frode Grytten: A Thousand Kisses Deep

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez Frode Grytten 25042017-02

Christel Alsos: If Will Be Your Will

Christel Alsos 25042017-01

John Brungot: I’m Your Man

John Brungot 25042017-05

Kristin Solli: Hvem i flammer

Kristin Solli 25042017-01

Claudia Scott: Jeanne D’Arc

Claudia Scott 25042017-03

Kirsten Bråten Berg: Spurv på en snor

Kirsten Bråten Berg 25042017-03

Somebody’s Darling: Dans meg gjennom kropp og ånd

Somebodys Darling 25042017-02

Kari Bremnes: Alle vet jo det

Kari Bremnes 25042017-07

Rita Eriksen: Alexandra reise

Odd Norheim 25042017-08

Daniel Kvammen: Du vet hvem jeg er

Daniel Kvammen 25042017-03

Kristian Kristensen: Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

Kristian Kristensen 25042017-01

Trond Andreassen:  The Law

Trond Andreassen 25042017-05

Wholy Martin and Safari: You Want It Darker

Wholy Martin 25042017-03

Solveig Slettahjell and Safari: Come Healing

Solveig Slettahjell 25042017-09

Odd Nordheim and Safari : Hallelujah

Odd Norheim 25042017-08

Dennis Storhøi/Bendik Hofseth/Bebe Risenfors: The Tower Of Song

Dennis Storhøi 25042017-01

Aurora Aksnes: Famous Blue Raincoat

Aurora 25042017-05

Lena Kristin Ellingsen: Ain’t No Cure For Love

Lena Kristin Ellingsen 25042017-03

Åse Kleveland: First We Take Manhattan  

Åse Kleveland 25042017-03

Lars Lillo-Stenberg: So Long, Marianne

Lars Lillo-Stenberg 25042017-02

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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