Jørun Bøgeberg’s 60 Year Celebration with Musical Friends

Jorun Bogeberg 06052018-04Jørun Bøgeberg is one of the most used Norwegian musicians, having played professionally since the early 70’s in all different genres. He has toured and played almost everywhere in Norway, and also played for 150.000 people in Rio de Janeiro. Last night he celebrated his 60 year birthday at a packed Victoria Jazzscene in Oslo with some of his musical friends from the last 40 years.

Jorun Bogeberg 06052018-05

The first time I saw Jørun Bøbeberg live, he played with the heavy rock band Flax. After that he played in Junipher Greene, and then Road, with the guitarst Eivind Aarseth. In the mid 80’s he played with Heavy Gentlemen, one of Oslo’s best live bands at the time. He had a bluegrass band in the 80’s, Gone At Last, with Claudia Scott, Jeff Wasserman and Terje Kinn, and also played as a live musician with a-ha from 1990 to 1994. Jørun Bøgeberg’s discography is equally impressive, having played on around 150 albums since 1980.

Henhouse 06052018-01

The concert started with Jørun Bøgeberg’s latest band, Henhouse. The band consists of Jørun on Fender Bass VI, Nils Einar Vinjor on guitar and Trond Augland on drums. The band have just released their first album, and the band played the whole album in a hone hour set.

After a short break, Jørun Bøgeberg’s friends and colleagues started to fill the stage. The venue was almost sold out, and we all had a great time with performances from some of our absolutely best artists and musicians. Here are photos of the different constellations more or less chronologically through the two  hours it lasted.

Rune Glimsdal

Rune Glimsdal 06052018-01

Gone At Last (Claudia Scott, Jeff Wasserman and JB)

Gone At Last 06052018-03

Tove Bøygard (with Eivind Kløverud, Freddy Holm and JB)

Tove Boygard 06052018-04

Tove Boygard 06052018-03

Carsten Loly with Nils Einar Vinjor

Carsten Loly 06052018-02

Geir Sundstøl

Geir Sundstol 06052018-01

Knut Reiersrud (Geir Sundstøl, Rune Arnesen, Ole H. Giørtz, Audun Erlien)

Knut Reiersrud Geir Sundstol 06052018-06

Rune Arnesen 06052018-01

Ole Giortz 06052018-01

Lars Haavard Haugen (with Trond Augland and JB)

Lars Haavard Haugen 06052018-02

Lars Haavard Haugen 06052018-07

Trond Augland 06052018-02

Rebekka Bakken (with Nils Einar Vindjor, Lars Haavard Haugen, Rune Arnesen, Paolo Vinaccia and JB)

Rebekka Bakken 06052018-01

Paolo Vinacci Rune Arnesen 06052018-01

Heavy Gentlemen (Knut Reiersrud, Ole H. Giørtz, Bendik Hofseth, Ivar Vereide, Paolo Vinaccia, Kristin Skaare, Trond Augland, Rune Arnesen and JB)

Heavy Gentlemen 06052018-02

Heavy Gentlemen 06052018-01

Paolo Vinacci 06052018-01

Heavy Gentlemen 06052018-06

Kristin Skaare 06052018-01

Jørun Bøgeberg (with Audun Erlien, Freddy Holm, Olaf Olsen, Anders Engen, Rune Arnesen, Paolo Vinaccia)

Audun Erlien Nils Einar Vinjor 06052018-01

Audun Erlien 06052018-01

Anders Engen 06052018-01

Freddy Holm 06052018-01

Olaf Olsen Paolo Vinacci 06052018-01

Jorun Bogeberg 06052018-03

Paolo Vinacci Trond Augland Olaf Olsen 06052018-02

Jorun Bogeberg 06052018-02

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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