The Notodden Blues Festival 2018 – Bonnie Raitt, Vintage Trouble, Gov’t Mule and many more

Vintage Trouble 04082018-24The 31st edition of the Notodden Blues Festival ended on Sunday. It has been a long weekend with music from early in the day until 2 AM, and a lot of friendly and smiling blues fans all around town. This year Ry Cooder was the biggest name together with Bonnie Raitt, and then a lot of other great artists after these two. Here are my photos from the festival. (Photo above: Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble)

Gov't Mule 04082018-16Th crowd is waiting for Cov’t Mule

My first visit to the Notodden Blues Festival was in 1994, and except for 1998, I have been visiting every one, making this my 24th festival. I have seen it grow from small to big, and more professional. The festival has been through some crises, but has always landed on its feet. In 2010 the Notodden Blues Festival was voted the Best Blues Festival in the World and got the Keeping The Blues Alive award. Here you can see all the artists who have played here until 2010.

Amund Maarud 03082018-03Amund Maarud got his star in the Walk of Fame. Here with festival boss Jostein Forsberg

The festival has worked hard to get the two headliners, Ry Cooder and Bonnie Raitt, and both came this year. The same did Gov’t Mule, Vintage Trouble, Sugaray Rayford, Lowell “Banana” Levinger, Knut Reiersrud, Ana Popovic and several more artists from Norway and abroad. You can see the program from this year here. In addition to all the concerts there are blues talks, this year with Bernard Purdie, Popa Chubby and The Welch Ledbetter Connection, the Union Blues Cup is arranged, and Little Steven’s Blue School is held before and during the festival, teaching young people to play the blues.

NB! Ry Cooder allowed no photographers. Here are my photos of the artists at this year’s festival:

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt 03082018-14

Bonnie Raitt 03082018-02

Gov’t Mule

Gov't Mule 04082018-01

Gov't Mule 04082018-11

Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble 04082018-18

Vintage Trouble 04082018-17

Knut Reiersrud Band

Knut Reiersrud 02082018-15

Knut Reiersrud 02082018-12

Sugaray Rayford

Sugaray Rayford 02082018-16

Sugaray Rayford 02082018-07

Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic 03082018-24

Ana Popovic 03082018-21

Poppa Chubby

Poppa Chubby 03082018-07

Poppa Chubby 03082018-05

Lowell “Banana” Levinger

Lowell Banana Levinger 03082018-07

Lowell Banana Levinger 03082018-08

Welch Ledbetter Connection

Welch Ledbetter Connection 04082018-14

Welch Ledbetter Connection 04082018-03

Dana Fuchs

Dana Fuchs 04082018-17

Dana Fuchs 04082018-23

Barbara Blue & Bernard Purdie

Bernard Purdie 02082018-01

Bernard Purdie 02082018-02

Doug McLeod

Doug Mcleod 02082018-01

Doug Mcleod 02082018-02

Little Steven filming for the documentary Bluestown Rising

Little Steven 1957 Cadillac 01082018-02

Little Steven 1957 Cadillac 01082018-23

Little Steven 1957 Cadillac 01082018-17Little Steven with the Mayor of Notodden, Gry Fuglestveit

Maldito, winner of the Union Blues Cup 2018

Maldito 04082018-04

Maldito 04082018-01

Ed Murphy, the winner of the Blues Prize 2018

Ed Murphy 02082018-01

Ed Murphy 02082018-03

Rita Engedalen and Margit Bakken

Symposium Rita Engedalen 02082018-01

Symposium Rita Engedalen 02082018-02

HM Johnsen Band, the winners of the Union Blues Cup 2017

HM Johnsen band 02082018-01

HM Johnsen band 02082018-02

Audience 02082018-01The audience at the opening

Knut Reiersrud 02082018-19

Knut Reiersrud 02082018-24

All photgs are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

2 thoughts on “The Notodden Blues Festival 2018 – Bonnie Raitt, Vintage Trouble, Gov’t Mule and many more

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