My Favorite Concert Photos From 2018, Part 2

The second half of my favorite photos from 2018 are also taken at different venues and at different times of day. When photographing concerts there are many things to consider, and light or absence of light being maybe the most important. Then there are different degrees of action – some artists jump around, while others ars just standing still. But this makes it even more interesting, no concerts are exactly alike.

Sometimes I am asked about my favorite concert. That is the most difficult question i know. Some concerts are great musically, but boring visually, some are the opposite, some are just boring, and sometimes both the musical and the visual parts are top. Most of the photos here are from concerts where the visuals were good, and quite a few were also musically very good.

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen. Don’t use them without written permission.

Alice in Chains

Arcade Fire




Bigbang 22122018-33(Shot for Getty Images. No unauthorised use allowed)

Carolyn Wonderland

Dimmu Borgir

DumDum Boys

El Muro Tango with CS Tango

Emilie Nicolas



Ian Moore (with Clara Reed)

James Bay

Janove Ottesen

Keith Urban

Knut Reiersrud

Kristian Torgalsen

All photos are © Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without written permission.

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