Shining Plays Blackjazz Live In Oslo

Shining © Per Ole HagenShining started a 12 concert Norwegian tour yesterday, with two nights at a club in Oslo playing Blackjazz the first night and One One One the next. After the tour is over, they will play seven UK dates with Kreator Official, Arch Enemy and Marty Fiedman. In March they will play a European tour, 23 dates, with Devin Townsend and Periphery. No one can say these guys are lazy! I saw the Blackjazz concert yesterday.

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Shining, “One One One” live at by:Larm

Shining © Per Ole HagenOne of Norway’s best live bands in all styles, Shining, had a huge success with their last album “Blackjazz”. The album is their own mix between black metal and jazz, and is a hard, vital and extremely well played collection of good songs. April 8th they will release theis new album, “One One One”, and last night they played the whole album from track one to the end at Rockefeller during by:Larm in Oslo.

Update –  Shining won the Statoil grant of 1 million NOK (ap. $180.000) today at by:Larm. If you ask me, a well deserved win!

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