Junipher Greene – 50 Years Anniversary as a Band

Junipher Greene 21112015-16Last night Junipher Greene celebrated their 50 years anniversary as a band at the club Cosmopolite in Oslo. The band was active from the late 60s to 1982, then they had a comeback in 2008. Since then they have played regularly at festivals and a yearly concert Rockefeller in Oslo. Continue reading

Junipher Greene and Friendship

Junipher Greene © Per Ole HagenI have written about Junipher Greene in another post on this blog. Last night they held their yearly concert at Rockefeller in Oslo, starting their 50 year anniversary as a band. As support they had the new bands, Friendship, aptly named after Junipher Greene’s historical debut album, Friendship from 1971.

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Anita Skorgan Live At Olsen

Anita Skorgan © Per Ole HagenAnita Skorgan started her career as a child prodigy on piano, and won a talent show in Swedish television already as a 13 year old. When she was 19 she sang the Norwegian winning song in the European Song Contest (ESC). The last years she has gone back to a more personal style, with meaningful lyrics and low key melodies. Last night she visited Olsen at Bryn in Oslo, and I feel lucky to be there.

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