Pstereo 2015 – With Susanne Sundfør, Band of Horses, Yelawolf, Ida Jenshus, Opeth, La Roux and more

Yelawolf @ Per Ole HagenThe Pstereo festival is one of my favorite festivals, held in Trondheim in the second half of August, usually the week after the Øya festival. Both festival have some commonalities in that they have both eclectic bookings. At Pstereo this means that you have pop, electronica, Americana, metal and hip hop on the same stage. Here are photos of the artists at Pstereo 2015. (Picture above: Yelawolf)

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The Oya Festival 2015 – Saturday with Susanne Sundfør, deLillos, Thåström and more

Thåström © Per Ole HagenThe Oya festival has a  tradition where a popular Norwegian artist opens early on the last day. This year, deLillos was the opener, and another Norwegian artist, Susanne Sundfør, was the headliner on the main stage. Between them many other artists performed, and the  closing artist in the tent was Thåström. The last day of the Oya festival 2015 was a perfect way to close a perfect festival. (Photo above: Thåström)

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Bergen Fest 2015 – The Last Night With Röyksopp, Susanne Sundfør And More

The Struts © Per Ole HagenBergen Fest 2015 is over, and now we are looking forward to next year. But first, a report from the last night, Sunday. I saw Death Cab for Cutie – American indie pop, The Struts from England – the closest you get to a glam band nowadays. Then I saw Susanne Sundfør, who is getting her live act to a higher level, Razika, super charming indie rock from Bergen, and Röyksopp, electronica royalty from Tromsø, Norway. (Photo above: The Struts) Continue reading

Susanne Sundfoer – A New Change Of Style

Susanne Sundfoer © Per Ole HagenSusanne Sundfoer has been one of Norway’s most promising and interesting artists since she started out in 2006, 20 years old. She has won two Spellemann awards (the Norwegian Grammy), she has withdrawn herself from nominations, and she has released albums to rave reviews. Saturday June 15th she played at the Bergen Fest, and here are some pictures from that concert.

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