Frode Alnæs Trio – Perfect Musicianship

Frode Alnæs © Per Ole HagenThe last time I saw Frode Alnæs, was with his band Dance With A Stranger who played their farewell tour this year. Before that I saw him with the Organ Club, a collaboration of Norwegian organ and jazz enthusiasts. I haven’t seen Frode Alnaes solo before, but Friday night he played with his trio at Olsen på Bryn.

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Marianne Faithfull – As Years Go By

Marianne Faithfull © Per Ole HagenI still remember Marianne Faithfull from the 60’s, when she sang As Tears Go By, and was featured in the newspapers from the scandals around The Rolling Stones. After a long silence, I remember when she came back with Broken English in 1979. This years marks er 50 year anniversary for her debut single, As Tears Go By, and she has released her 20th album, Give My LOve To London. She is also on an anniversary tour, and last night she played at Sentrum Scene in Oslo.

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In Flames, Papa Roach and Wovenwar In Oslo

In Flames © Per Ole HagenLast night In Flames played Oslo Spektrum with While She Sleeps, Wovenwar and Papa Roach. I saw two of these and In Flames, and I liked all three a lot. Interestingly enough, around 3-4000 people were there, more than usually come to metal concerts. (Picture above: In Flames). Continue reading

Folque 2014 Live at John Dee

Folque © Per Ole HagenYesterday night I saw Norway’s best known folk rock band from the 70’s, Folque, live for the first time since the late 70’s. They celebrated the 40th anniversary for the recording of their first and self-itled LP, and according to them, they played their first concert with their original singer for 37 years. (Picture above: Morten Bing and Øyvind Rauset) Continue reading

Jenny Moe Debuts With CD And Concert

Jenny Moe © Per Ole HagenEvery year many hopeful artists release CDs or start their careers in other ways. Some of them have been discovered by a record company and have big resources behind them. Others have done the whole job themselves. Jenny Moe is one of those artists, and Friday night she played her debut concert for her first CD, Mon Capitaine in Oslo.

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Luke Elliot With The Salmon Smokers

Luke Elliot © Per Ole HagenLuke Elliot is an artist in the musical landscape somewhere between Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Warren Zevon, Neil Young – a landscape where you should have considerable talent and also courage to move into. But with Luke Elliot’s voice and songwriting skills, he stands on his own together with these masters. Tonight he played at Kampen Bistro in Oslo, for an exclusive audience.

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UncleP And The Distant Relatives, Team Me and Kvelertak

Kvelertak © Per Ole HagenSaturday night in Oslo this weekend was filled with live music of all sorts. The Hollies played at Sentrum Scene, Folkelarm with lots of folk musicians was held at the National stage for folk music, Team Me played at Rockefeller, Krokofant at Victoria, and at Youngstorget the bar/club Bonanza celebrated their 5 year anniversary in a big tent with live acts from Thursday through Saturday. I saw two of the bands there and saw Team Me in between. (Picture above: Erlend Hjelvik from Kvelertak)

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