Behemoth At Inferno 2015

Behemoth © Per Ole HagenThe definitive headliner at Inferno 2015 were Behemot. The Polish band is among the most respected in the world among all black/death metal bands, and their performance at the Inferno Festival was top class. I showed some of the photos I took of them on the report from Thursday at the festival. Here are more photos.

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Enslaved Ruled Inferno

Enslaved © Per Ole HagenEnslaved were one of the headliners of the Inferno festival. You can read more about them  here, listen to their latest album, In Times here, and see photos from earlier concerts with them at Rockefeller in 2013 and at Eidsivablot last September. Here are more pictures of Enslaved from their Inferno concert. (Photo above: Grutle)

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Inferno 2015 – Saturday

Kampfar © Per Ole HagenThe last night of a festival is always special. The fans know it is a year until next time, and ant to do the most of it. On the other hand, there days of partying takes it’s toll, so the energy isn’t always up to expectations. Saturday night was a good night at Inferno, with bands from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway. (Photo above: Dolk from Kampfar)

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Inferno 2015 – Friday

Goatwhore © Per Ole HagenFriday night at the Inferno festival had My Dying Bride from the UK and Enslaved fromNorway as their headliners. Before them we also got Egyptian, Finnish, Norwegian and American bands on the two stages, Rockefeller and John Dee. With the highly international audience, this made for a black multi cultural night. (Photo above: Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore) Continue reading

Inferno 2015 – Thursday

Behemoth © Per Ole HagenThe Inferno festival in Oslo is arranged every Easter, from Wednesday through Saturday. The first day is a club day, while the three next are arranged at the Rockefeller Music Hall, plus the smaller venue John Dee in the same building. I started my Inferno Easter on Thursday, and here are the bands I saw. (Photo above: Behemoth)

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The Full Moon Barn Dance 2015 – The Best Ever?

Hanne Leeann © Per Ole HagenAs I have written here every year for some years now, the Full Moon Barn Dance that happens on the Sunday after all the SXSW mayhem is over, is my best tradition in Austin. Leeann Atherton arranges it in her garden in South Austin, and all the good people from South Austin, plus a contingent from all over the USA and the world gather for a cool and friendly day with music, BBQ, drinks and just good companionship. Last year the weather was bitterly cold, this year it was perfect. (Photo above: Hanne Kolstoe and Leeann Atherton)

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Saturday at SXSW 2015 – Ian Moore, Jon Dee Graham And More

Ian Moore © Per Ole HagenSaturday was a rainy day in Austin, and the Auditorium Shores concerts were cancelled due to the weather. For that reason, I changed my plans, deciding to stay inside at the Continental Club the whole night. Some of the bands there were already on my schedule, so it was an easy choice, instead of getting wet while walking between the clubs at 6th Street and Red River. (Photo above: Clara dancing with Ian Moore’s guitarist.)

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