Susanne Sundfoer at the WCH festival

Susanne Sundfoer © Per Ole HagenThe Working Class Hero festival in Drammen has established itself as a quality festival, even if it isn’t the biggest one in Norway. Each year they have some really great artists on the program. This year Susanne Sundfoer is one of them, and she opened the Friday night at the main stage. Here are some pictures from the concert.

Susanne Sundfoer © Per Ole HagenSusanne Sundfoer is 26 years old, but as been in the spotlight since she was 19. She won Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) for Best Female artist in 2008, and made a bold statement against gender oriented prizes. In 2010 she released The Brothel, an album that got rave reviews everywhere, and this year she released The Silicone Veil.

Susanne Sundfoer © Per Ole HagenAs an artist, Susanne Sundfoer makes no compromises, and her music can be difficult to delve into. But her quality as a songwriter and also as a singer and instrumentalist are undisputed, and this makes her one of Norway’s most interesting artists – male or female.

Susanne Sundfoer © Per Ole HagenAll the pictures are © Per Ole Hagen, and may not be used without written permission.

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